Adventure Travel For Women, By Women.

For over 40 years, AdventureWomen has offered more than 50 exciting trips, traveling to 65 countries worldwide. Our adventure travel collection includes treasured classic destinations, off-the-beaten-path adventures, and closer-to-home escapes.

We are a women-owned and women-run company founded in 1982 by travel pioneer Susan Eckert. In 2016, Judi Wineland and her two daughters, Nicole and Erica, purchased the company, ensuring the spirit of AdventureWomen continues forward. In 1978, Judi was one of the first women to launch and run an adventure travel company, Overseas Adventure Travel. A few years later, she founded Tanzanian safari operator Thomson Safaris and subsequently created Thomson Treks, Thomson Family Adventures, and Thomson Collection. Judi, her daughters, passionate staff, and a worldwide Ambassador team have led  AdventureWomen to the forefront of women’s adventure travel.

Adventure Women Adventure Travel Morocco

AdventureWomen Guests in Morocco


What is Adventure Travel?

Adventure travel blends the awe-inspiring sensations of exploring the world with the exhilaration of embracing the outdoors. Our trips weave the history, wildlife, culture — and local cuisine – of a destination around thrilling activities. Adventure travel is a state of mind, an approach to travel, and a way of seeing the world.

What Makes AdventureWomen Exceptional?

Women-Only Small Groups 

Whether you thrive taking on the world by traveling solo or have mostly explored with family and friends, our small group size (an average of 12-14 guests) offers a balance of discovery, safety, and camaraderie. Our signature women-only small group style creates an encouraging environment for everyone to experience empowering and memorable activities. Go ahead, try something new! We are here for you.

AdventureWomen Ambassadors

Our guests love our Ambassadors! Each adventure includes one of our enthusiastic and knowledgeable AdventureWomen Ambassadors. Each Ambassador is chosen for her exceptional leadership and abundant love for travel. Her continuous work behind the scenes will transform your ‘trip’ into a memorable experience.

Women-to-Women Connection: Through Her Eyes

On many of our adventures, you will meet and engage with captivating local women. Through these women-to-women exchanges – one of our cherished insider experiences – you have an intimate chance to see the world through her eyes. You may have the opportunity to explore a new medium with female artisans in Thailand, converse with an apprentice geisha in Japan, or participate in the age-old tradition of rose petal harvesting with farmers in Turkey. While our worlds seem vastly different, we find our hearts and aspirations are very alike through intimate conversations. This is a trip element we are very proud of and are adding more to trips all the time.


Adventure Women Adventure Travel Costa Rica

AdventureWomen Guests in Costa Rica

Every Step Of The Way

Our team is here for you – always. Let us remove the detailed planning and intricate logistics from your plate and replace them with unique adventures and insider experiences that only years of relationships offer. This meticulous attention to detail allows you to fully enjoy the experience.

A simple conversation with our team will help you navigate:

The Best Adventure and Activity Level for You

Our team members have intimate knowledge about our trips and can help you to choose the one that is the best fit for you including the physical rating of Moderate, Active, High Energy, or Challenging. This enables you to move confidently through your adventure — and challenge yourself at the same time.

A New Era of Crucial Travel Details

Many women who would typically take care of their own travel plans are turning to us for the first time to do the legwork – including help with flights, curated packing lists, and additional overnight logistics –  and with crucial details of COVID guidelines, restrictions, and requirements. This is what we do – and we love doing it.

The Journey from Dreaming to Exploring

We are there with you end-to-end, even while you explore the most remote parts of the planet. From when you first start thinking about adventuring, booking your trip with our Adventure Managers, to traveling with our Ambassadors, we are always in touch with you and with our partners in the destination. The best moments of travel are the serendipitous, unplanned things that can make magic. We are here to help so you can enjoy the ride to the fullest.

Adventure Women Adventure Travel Alaska

AdventureWomen Guests in Alaska




Here’s what some of them had to say about their experience traveling with us in 2018: