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Madagascar: Artisans, Baobabs, and Lemurs

Set off in August 2021 with AdventureWomen for a 12-day trip through Madagascar, the fourth-largest island in the world. Discover its biodiversity, meet the friendly Malagasy people, search for lemurs, and get off-the-beaten-path on ... Browse trip.

Iceland: Searching for the Northern Lights

Visit the island of Vikings and Norse gods with AdventureWomen in 2021 to explore Iceland’s amazing terrain by day then search by night for the hypnotic Aurora Borealis as they fill the dark skies ... Browse trip.

Costa Rica: Jungle, Wildlife, & Beaches

Join AdventureWomen in 2021 on a multisport women’s adventure to explore Costa Rica’s rainforests, wildlife, ecosystems, and coastlines. Go rafting, horse riding, hiking, and try a zipline. Experience waterfalls, jungles teeming with wildlife, volcanoes ... Browse trip.


“New Zealand From an Insider’s Perspective” gave me everything I wanted: exposure to unique people and places, an opportunity to bond with other women, enjoyable physical activity, and someone else working out the details. Our tribe of just 10 enabled me to experience and appreciate individual personalities and hone my own sense of self as an adventure woman. Accommodations were superb as were all local arrangements and guides. I believe the universe supports us with what we need in life at the right time. My first AW trip to Nepal in 2016 opened my eyes and my intention now is to continue to grow with the adventure in Botswana next year. 


Nadine C.

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Everyone defines "adventure" in their own way, but we all aspire to experiencing something new. It's what makes us tick and what gives us energy, confidence and optimism.