View from headquarters in winter

A winter view from AdventureWomen headquarters in Bozeman Montana's Bridger Canyon

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AdventureWomen, Inc. was founded in 1982 by Susan Eckert, an early pioneer of adventure travel trips designed specifically for women. Today, AdventureWomen is a recognized leader in women’s travel and has been featured in numerous travel magazine, newsprint and book publications. The company delivers top quality one to three week trips, all over the world, for active women over 30 of all ability levels. AdventureWomen, Inc. is based in Bozeman, Montana.

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Hiking in Yellowstone National Park

Hiking in Yellowstone National Park

AdventureWomen’s clients include women between 30 and 75, and the occasional amazing octogenarian. The women are single, married, or divorced, and are mothers to between one and three children. AdventureWomen come from all over the country and the world. The typical participant is very satisfied with her life and successful in her current job or situation. She's confident about how she looks and feels and makes an effort to stay in good physical condition. 100% of AdventureWomen’s participants are non-smokers. These women are adventurous and like to meet new people or challenge themselves by learning a new skill or activity. They want to take a vacation that is out of the ordinary, venture out on their own, unfettered by the responsibilities of work and family, and be physically active. More than 70% of AdventureWomen clients are repeat customers.

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