About Traveling With AdventureWomen – What to Expect

At AdventureWomen, we would like to ensure that all participants understand that our excursions are adventure travel vacations, and not tours. We define adventure travel as travel in which one actively participates, as opposed to a tour, in which one is more or less a passive observer.

AdventureWomen designs and organizes vacations all over the world for women who want to experience an active, out of the ordinary vacation, and meet new friends. Most of all we want our trips to be fun! In this spirit, the successful adventure traveler should be a good-natured realist and have a sense of humor! Adventure vacations, by nature, require that participants be self-sufficient, flexible, and able to accept situations as they exist, and not just as they would have preferred or expected them to exist. The constraints of scheduled group traveling also necessitate that each of us be understanding of and sensitive to others. Being on time is important, and contributes to the congeniality, success and well being of both individuals and the group!

No Smoking Policy

Beginning in 1995, our trips became Smoke Free. Please note that there will be No Smoking by any participants on AdventureWomen vacations.

Cancellation and Refund Policies

  • Notification of cancellations must be received in writing.
  • Full payment is due 90 days prior to departure date. Once registered, the registration deposit is non-refundable.
  • For cancellations received 61-90 days prior to the trip departure date: 50% of the total trip cost is non-refundable. For cancellations received 1-60 days prior to the trip departure date: 100% of the total trip cost is non-refundable.
  • AdventureWomen reserves the right to decline to accept or retain any participant, at any time, as a member on any trip, and to cancel any trip for any reason: unforeseen weather, safety hazards, low registrations, or other circumstances.
  • If a trip is cancelled, AdventureWomen will refund or transfer land costs. Decisions to refund or transfer will be made on a trip by trip basis. AdventureWomen is not responsible for expenses incurred by participants in preparation for a trip: nonrefundable air tickets, visa fees, equipment, etc.
  • For some international trips, prices are based on exchange rates at the time the trip was published. The final balance due at 90 days prior to departure will be made in US Dollars at the exchange rate on that date. You will be notified if there are any changes in price.
  • All Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice

Switching Trips

If for some reason you need to switch to a different AdventureWomen trip, please call us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Credit Cards

Due to new credit card regulations, we are required to take your credit card number by phone. Please call us at (800) 804-8686 / (617) 544-9393 at your convenience, or let us know a good time to call you. We accept a maximum of $1,500 per person on a credit card, and any remaining balance over $1,500 must be paid by check, money order, or wire transfer.