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September 2019  

The Upside of Taking Risks

The fall season is in full swing AdventureWomen! This month, we feature risk-taking women and how we contrast with what men tend to do when faced with a challenge. Are we the same? Or perhaps different when it comes to reaching outside our comfort zones.

Taking risks is often thought of in terms of breaking through an external barrier—launching a new business, learning a new skill, overcoming economic adversity or restrictions placed upon us by discrimination or stereotyping. But what about breaking through internal barriers we place on ourselves? These are the “heroinestories we love.

Ever wondered what it would be like to witness the beauty of the Canadian Rockies, but in the stillness and magic of the winter landscape? Our January Ultimate Active Winter Adventure still has space!

P.S. we're looking forward to launching our 2020 AdventureWomen Sweepstakes in early October where one lucky winner will receive a $2,020 credit toward the 2020 trip of their choice!

Happy fall season Adventure Women!

The Destination Is Just the Beginning

Canadian Rockies: The Ultimate Active Winter Adventure

Canadian Rockies: The Ultimate Active Winter Adventure

In March 2020, spend seven amazing days enjoying active winter adventures in the Canadian Rockies! Cross-country ski, snowshoe, bike, and enjoy a high-octane dogsledding experience in Alberta, Canada with other women who share your passion […]

Explore Canadian Rockies: The Ultimate Active Winter Adventure

Breaking Through Barriers: A Woman Overcoming the Odds

Breaking Through Barriers: A Woman Overcoming the Odds

At AdventureWomen, we often share our stories among each other while journeying. You live such rich and interesting lives, Adventure Women! This month, we want to honor women who break through barriers. Now many of […]

Nepal: Trekking to Everest Base Camp

Nepal: Trekking to Everest Base Camp

Join other Adventure Women on a trek to Mount Everest’s Base Camp in the majestic Himalayan Mountains in Nepal! Take in the view high above the clouds at 17,598 feet and celebrate your triumph in […]

Explore Nepal: Trekking to Everest Base Camp

Risk-Taking and Women: Busting the Myth

Risk-Taking and Women: Busting the Myth

On our trips at AdventureWomen we like to encourage our guests to stretch – mentally, physically, even sometimes spiritually in whatever ways they want to. To challenge yourself as you try a new activity and […]

California: Pedal, Paddle, Pinot

California: Pedal, Paddle, Pinot

Bike, kayak, and sip your way wine tasting through California’s Wine Country from Sonoma County to Napa Valley with gorgeous sea coast views on this delicious five-day cycling trip in May 2020, just perfect for women of […]

Explore California: Pedal, Paddle, Pinot

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