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February 2018  

Live Life Boldly!

As Adventure Women, we all like to venture out and explore. Learn new things. Test our limits. Challenge our comfort zones. We like to "live live boldly". This month we celebrate this common theme as we announce that our 2019 adventure previews are live on our website. Check them out and remember, if you book your 2019 trip by April 30th, 2018, you'll receive an additional 5% off!

Maybe you'd like to live a little more boldly in 2018 or 2019? We've dreamed up some great opportunities for those of you seeking more active, outdoor challenges and it's as easy making a commitment, training and then, well just going and doing it! Imagine that sense of accomplishment you'll feel on the plane ride home. YES!

"Living life boldly" means different things for each of us. This month we hear from new Advisory Board member, Leigh Z., about her own personal story of triumph you won't want to miss. We are so grateful to her and so many other Adventure Women who have shared their own journeys with us over the years.

PLEASE NOTE: We're closing the door in early March on our Mongolia, Switzerland, Indonesia, Iceland or Pacific North West trips for 2018. If you think you might want to go on any of these, do call us immediately!

Finally, check out our latest guest reviews from our 2017 Adventure Women travelers!

The Destination Is Just the Beginning

Pacific Northwest: Redwoods, River Rafting, & Crater Lake

Pacific Northwest: Redwoods, River Rafting, & Crater Lake

Experience the best of Southern Oregon and Northern California in late June 2018 on this adventure tour featuring superlative natural wonders from the Rogue River and Redwood National Forest, to Crater Lake National Park.  Begin […]

Explore Pacific Northwest: Redwoods, River Rafting, & Crater Lake

Welcoming A Challenging Adventure: What Will You Choose in 2018-2019?

Welcoming A Challenging Adventure: What Will You Choose in 2018-2019?

Are you ready to take your adventure vacations to a new level? To push yourself outside of your comfort zone while traveling on your own? AdventureWomen has created some wonderful opportunities for our guests to […]

Colombia: Cuisine, Whitewater, & Antiquities

Colombia: Cuisine, Whitewater, & Antiquities

From the Pacific Ocean to Andean mountaintops, sparkling sand beaches to mystical cloud forests, and from rural villages to bustling ports, this very special women’s adventure tour to Colombia in October of 2018 offers “a […]

Explore Colombia: Cuisine, Whitewater, & Antiquities

A Personal Story of Triumph

A Personal Story of Triumph

By Leigh Z. “You have cancer”. Three little words that totally changed my life. I was 39 years old and a lump I had found in my breast, that everyone said was nothing, turned out […]

Mt. Kilimanjaro: A Classic Trek To The Roof of Africa

Mt. Kilimanjaro: A Classic Trek To The Roof of Africa

Summit Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in September 2018 with AdventureWomen to feel the triumph and joy of standing at the summit of Uhuru Peak on Mt. Kilimanjaro – the Roof of Africa. Experience the challenge […]

Explore Mt. Kilimanjaro: A Classic Trek To The Roof of Africa

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