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May 2019  

Kudos to Mom

Family road trips, trying new recipes, bandaging skinned knees: our mothers encouraged us to be Adventure Women, showing us new discoveries that peaked our curiosity and taught us that taking risks is OK. This month, AdventureWomen celebrates our special bond - mother to daughter.

Was your mother an adventurer? What have been your favorite mother-daughter pastimes? These two stories about mothers traveling with their daughters are pure "share-worthy" inspiration!

Food is love, so our staff had a few fun recipes that might make a great gift for the mom who needs "nothing." We also share a few ideas for ways to be active and go exploring with Mom.

One thing guests really enjoy is learning about the varied cuisines of the countries they visit on AdventureWomen trips. Check out our short list of 2020 culinary-infused trips that spice things up and make cooking in a group fun.

When it comes to moms, all daughters know there’s no better gift than time together. But how can a couple of grown girls get away and do something they’ll cherish forever? Try an active mother-daughter adventure and make some new memories - together!

We love to hear from our guests (and future guests). Let us know how you enjoyed this newsletter and make sure to share with friend!

The Destination Is Just the Beginning

Mothers and Daughters: Traveling Together

Mothers and Daughters: Traveling Together

One of the greatest rewards at AdventureWomen is receiving emails, letters, postcards and phone calls from our guests after our trips as they tell us their favorite and most memorable moments on our trips. We […]

Delighting The Mom Who "Needs Nothing"

Delighting The Mom Who “Needs Nothing”

“Oh, don’t get me anything. There’s nothing I need.” We’ve all heard that on Mother’s Day, right? If no gifts for Mom, then what? Well, food is always a good idea. So, we put our […]

"Cook It Up" In 2020: Culinary Adventures

“Cook It Up” In 2020: Culinary Adventures

Too many cooks spoil the broth? Not with AdventureWomen! Did you know? Nearly every AdventureWomen travel itinerary includes a cooking class or hyper-local food discovery that our guests just love. Whether you’re learning to cook […]

Iceland: A Mother-Daughter Adventure

Iceland: A Mother-Daughter Adventure

Join us for an adventure in Iceland in June 2020 and create bold and lasting memories with your daughter as you experience the otherworldly beauty of Iceland – together! Get active while riding Icelandic horses […]

Explore Iceland: A Mother-Daughter Adventure

Baja: A Mother-Daughter Adventure

Baja: A Mother-Daughter Adventure

Discover the joy of getting active together on a mother-daughter adventure in Baja, Mexico and the Sea of Cortez! Have fun together as you horseback ride, kayak, surf, snorkel and swim with sea lions, and […]

Explore Baja: A Mother-Daughter Adventure

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