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January 2019  

Dare To Adventure

2019 is off to a fast start! Did you take a "sneak peek" at our 2020 destinations?

Please note: we are going live on our website announcing our 2020 lineup in ONE WEEK, so make sure you grab your spot soon!

This month, as women are gaining ground across many fronts (from college attendance to Congress), we also update you on the latest travel trends impacting women's travel. Also check out these wonderful travel apps, which will help make your 2019 and 2020 trips even more enjoyable.

But perhaps our favorite blog this month is "How Women Define 'Adventure'". We asked our survey participants to give us their personal take on what adventure means to them. They nailed it!

Last call for Montana February 3rd departure, we are closing it on Monday!

Finally, don't forget, if you book your 2020 trip by February 28th, you'll receive $250 off your trip.

Happy New Year, Adventure Women!

The Destination Is Just the Beginning

How Women Define "Adventure"

How Women Define “Adventure”

When we asked 1,820 women to give us their personal definition of “adventure”, we didn’t realize how fascinating the responses to this question would be. We thought you might enjoy hearing what some of them […]

British Virgin Islands Cruise: Sailing, Snorkeling, & Sea Life

British Virgin Islands Cruise: Sailing, Snorkeling, & Sea Life

Relish the sun, sand, and warm ocean breeze on an eight-day luxury Caribbean yacht cruise through the British Virgin Islands with swimming, sailing, snorkeling, and scuba diving in April 2019. (Scuba diving is operated and […]

Explore British Virgin Islands Cruise: Sailing, Snorkeling, & Sea Life

Our Favorite Women's Travel Apps for 2019

Our Favorite Women’s Travel Apps for 2019

We know that Adventure Women tend to be somewhat detail oriented and like to stay organized, connected, and in the know. Last year, we wrote about our favorite travel apps for 2018. We thought it […]

2019 Travel Trends to Watch

2019 Travel Trends to Watch

Virtuoso has released its 2019 Luxe Report examining the top trends in luxury travel based on their survey of the company’s 17,500 travel advisers. Five travel trends emerge which are all anchored in an increase […]

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