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New York – November 9, 2017: In today’s multi-tasking world with the constant barrage of technology-driven e-mails, texts and news, travelers are discovering that being somewhere completely remote and off the grid is the new “luxury.” Finding a place left in the world that is unpolluted, unplugged and undisturbed seems to be more and more rare. AdventureWomen’s upcoming tour to New Zealand from February 26 to March 9, 2018, seeks to create the experience of that true “luxury” in its first ever trip to Great Barrier Island.

The mother-daughter trio who owns AdventureWomen sees luxury in a different light from those who measure thread count, Michelin stars and TripAdvisor ratings. To them, true luxury is experiencing a place few others ever see; and there are few places quite as remote as Great Barrier Island, lying 30 miles off the coast of New Zealand, where the family has had a home of its own since 1987.

AdventureWomen’s definition of “luxury” is clean air, clear sky, pure spring water and a place to detox. The remoteness of the island evokes magic when the sun sets; there is no light pollution from any source, allowing a clear view of the night sky. Great Barrier Island has just been named a Dark Sky Sanctuary, a classification for the most remote (and often darkest) places in the world by the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA), an organization that studies and aims to limit light pollution. There are only three certified International Dark Sky Sanctuaries in the world. Participants in the trip will meet with a physicist to discuss how Great Barrier Island received the accolade.

“Growing up, Nicole and I spent every Christmas with our parents on Great Barrier Island,” says co-owner, Erica Landerson, “and this untouched island is scattered with raw, wild forests and represents a special place for us.” AdventureWomen’s New Zealand vacation for women also offers meetups with local personalities who are the very essence of local New Zealand culture, including, beekeepers, fishermen and B.K. Iyengar-taught yoga instructors.

Judi Wineland of AdventureWomen sees “luxury” as the opportunity for women to experience unique, “only in New Zealand” opportunities such as:

  • Heli-hiking on the peaks of New Zealand’s South Island
  • Walking through virgin forests with a naturalist learning about New Zealand’s many ecosystems
  • Sharing lunch with local New Zealand women who are the epitome of resourcefulness and hardiness
  • Enjoying relaxing spa treatments by Thai-trained masseuses
  • Tasting native New Zealand Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc wines
  • Sinking your fingers deep into the wool of a sheep and feeling the purest form of lanolin

Erica adds, “We’re so excited to show our travelers the place we call home, where so many of the childhood memories that forged our love for the outdoors and adventure were born.”

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AdventureWomen® has been a pioneer and a leader in adventure travel for women-only since 1982 – custom-designing and leading some of the most unique adventure travel tours for active women. Owners Judi Wineland, President of Wineland-Thomson Adventures Inc., and her daughters Erica Landerson and Nicole Wineland-Thomson, describe AdventureWomen as a “relationship company” where women create connections with other women while exploring new frontiers and active outdoor adventure. Offering women-only adventure tours to over 25 countries each year, AdventureWomen invites women to physically and mentally challenge themselves while exploring the world at their own pace and on their own terms.