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December 19, 2013

AdventureWomen Builds Travel Itineraries Specifically for Mature Women Adventurers

BOZEMAN, Mont. – AdventureWomen has been a pioneer for more than 30 years, custom-designing and leading some of the most unique adventure travel tours for active women over 30. These adventure vacations inspire women traveling solo, or with their sisters, mothers, daughters, partners and friends. Each itinerary caters to women’s’ interests and create an environment where travelers can push their limits and explore the world without inhibition.

Though AdventureWomen’s guests have typically been between the ages of 35 and 65 in the past, they’ve seen an uptick in the number of women over 65 seeking out unique travel experiences.

“For my 75th birthday, I wanted to do something really spectacular—go skydiving from 2 ½ miles up,free falling at 120 mph,” AdventureWomen traveler Carol McSweeny said. “My tandem partner taught me how to fly like Superman (Superwoman!) for the full minute before he pulled our chute cord, then it was a beautiful float down to an easy slide-in landing in a sitting position.”

75 year old McSweeny has gone on 12 trips with AdventureWomen, only starting out at age 64.

“I know my 11 trips with AdventureWomen prepared me for pushing my own envelope and having the mindset to keep looking ahead for new ways to conquer a personal challenge.”

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