The Top 5 Reasons To Travel “Women-Only”


Thanks for joining AdventureWomen’s community of like-minded “adventuresses”! We understand how transformative travel can be, giving each of us new perspectives, deeper meaning, and positive energy as we challenge ourselves and form new relationships all around the world.

We’re also passionate about “women-only” travel. Here are the 5 reasons why:

#1 | Camaraderie & Lasting Friendships

 There’s a different sense of freedom and unity that comes from traveling on a “women-only” adventure trip. Women naturally and spontaneously form friendships and forge bonds, which last a lifetime. Come alone. Leave together. Experience shows us that women who travel together often keep in touch, and end up traveling together – again and again, in the future.

#2 | No Pressure – Just Be Yourself

 There’s no gender pressure when you’re traveling “women-only”. You can wear what you want, do what you want, and discover at your own pace. No approvals necessary! Traveling with women enables you to be your best, your most adventurous, your most silly, your most relaxed, your most daring, your most unkempt. Time to simply, just be yourself.

#3 | Deeper Discovery & Learning

Women love to do things together. From book clubs to hiking clubs, networking groups to volunteering, women tap into each other’s’ energy when they’re together. Travel, it turns out, is no different. Exploring and discovering a new destination is more meaningful and rich when in the company of other active, inquisitive, and interesting women.

#4 | Challenge Yourself

Adventurous women love to try new things. Whether it is mastering a new skill or activity or soaking in the fascinating trivia about a new culture, they just love challenging themselves. Women say it gives them confidence, pride of accomplishment, and a true sense of triumph. But facing challenges while surrounded by supportive women is just so much easier and a lot more fun.

#5 | Female-Focused Fun

When you are traveling with only women, you can do more of the things women like and care about. Want to take a cooking class? Check. Meet local artisans? Check. Have a discussion with local women leaders? Check. Go shopping at a local bazaar? You get the picture! We all know traveling with family and in mixed company is great, but maybe not all the time.