Wildlife Trekking in Tanzania’s Great Rift Valley

Lace up those trail-tested hiking boots for an unforgettable 10-day trekking adventure in Tanzania with AdventureWomen. Trek on from the Serengeti to Ngorongoro Crater in Olduvai Gorge, from volcanic lakes to the wildlife-rich African plains. This is  Africa’s Great Rift Valley!

An African lion roars at dawn, yellow-collared lovebirds call, and hyenas howl to start the hunt as life wakes to greet the sun. Savor the chorus rising from the plains and know it’s going to be another beautiful day in Tanzania! Walk among wildebeest, watch as thousands of flamingos fill lakes with color, and opt for the midnight summit of Ol Doinyo Lengai in the Great Rift Valley. Hiking with other women is always such a joy, and on this Tanzania hiking trip, the magic of the Serengeti draws everyone together to contribute her eyes, ears, and sense of wonder to point out scenes of dazzling grace and beauty.

On warm-up walks leading to the tougher climbs ahead, you may spy birds with exotic plumage, a gentle giraffe arching her long neck to nuzzle her calf, thundering herds of zebra, or lightning-fast antelope. Whenever you see a big acacia tree, look up! You just might see a napping leopard guarding her kill. Inside the Serengeti National Park, a full day’s safari game drive will include approaching the Grumeti and Mbalageti rivers to witness moments fraught with danger as gazelles, antelope, and ostriches share the drinking water with top predators, from jackals to lions.

All along your Tanzania trekking route, you’ll observe Maasai bomas, a grouping of mud homes, dotting the landscape. To learn more about this nomadic tribe and their roles as environmental stewards, we’ll step into a boma to meet some of its colorfully-robed members, including female artisans.

After a visit to Olduvai Gorge, we ascend up to view Ngorongoro Crater, where high grassy slopes and the caldera’s floor are host to over 30,000 animals. Watch for prides of lions, baboons, vervet monkeys, flocks of flamingos, and a pool full of adorably plump but fierce hippos. At the rim of verdant Empakaai Crater, we explore its enormous lake ringed with birds. At the hyper-saline Lake Natron, watch in wonder at the storks and flamingos amassing to feed and walk around to see its cracked, fiery orange basin. At our final campsite, you and your adventurous crew can opt to finish your trekking trip in Tanzania with a roar, ascending at midnight to the 7,750 foot summit of Ol Doinyo Lengai!

Every day will be focused on pulse-quickening sightings and encounters capped by delicious camp dinners and comfortable accommodations, including six nights spent in the rustic luxury of custom designed nyumbas, walk-in bush tents that feature outdoor seating for sketching or writing, and enormous windows that let gentle night winds lull you to sleep.

Depart from Kilimanjaro Airport leaving no trace but keeping Tanzania in your heart and taking memories of trail friendships that helped make this trek an incomparable African experience.

Tanzania Trekking Adventure Highlights:

  • Explore Ngorongoro Crater & hike in Africa’s Great Rift Valley
  • Go on African game drives to view the wildlife of Serengeti National Park
  • Meet local Maasai in their communities and learn about this fascinating nomadic culture
  • Listen to and learn about the diverse wildlife you camp among, thriving in their natural habitat

Price: $7,590

Dates: June 4 – 14, 2020

“I traveled with Adventure Women for the first time 20 years ago. Loved every second of the women’s only experience. Appreciate and enjoy the attention to detail and adventures planned. Especially love incorporating experiences with local women on the trips. If I win the lottery, I will be gone for a year or more traveling with Adventure Women each week!! Can’t wait for Tanzania 2019!” Amy H.

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