Hiking the Swiss Alps & Discovering Switzerland “From Every Angle”

Enjoy a beautiful hiking trip in Switzerland in the Summer of 2020, high in the alpine meadows and along the trails of Europe’s famous Swiss Alps. Explore this fabled region among trekkers worldwide with other female hiking enthusiasts, ride cable cars, toboggans and scooter bikes while indulging in Swiss culture and culinary delights – from gingerbread to fondue!

Join an active group of adventurous women who have been bitten by the hiking “bug” in early Summer 2020 to explore Switzerland’s exhilarating alpine trails together while also discovering other things quintessentially Swiss: mountain cable cars, cheese fondue and gingerbread, medieval churches, and even a Swiss yodeling contest.

Begin your journey in Appenzell, a town of classic Swiss architecture and design. Hike Gontenbad’s high plateau to Jakobsbad (2,850 feet) and enjoy a fun toboggan run, then take a cable car up to Kronberg Mountain (5,450 feet) for views of the Alpstein Range. In the evening, enjoy Swiss music with “Talerschwingen”, a custom that mimics the sound of cowbells, and learn all about yodeling – Switzerland-style!

Stroll through St. Gallen’s Old Town, a charming, car-free village and a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its carved oriel windows and a library containing 8th century manuscripts. Read interesting Swiss lore on the fun placards stationed along the Pfeff ond Lischt Weg trail which winds through deep green countryside. At the summit of Ebenalp, explore the prehistoric caves of Wildkirchli, and wander through them, entering the sky-high Aescher Coffeehouse. The pure charm of the building’s traditional Swiss facade belies its extreme location built tightly into a 5,000 foot high cliff, with a sheer drop below its patio. Experiencing these thrills will earn you an appetite so we’ll learn how to make “Appenzeller Biber”, a traditional Swiss gingerbread with honey and nuts. Indulge in your creation. You earned it!

In beautiful Lucerne, tour the city’s historic sites and architectural wonders then head to the Benedictine Monastery in Engleberg for a class on preparing fondue. Up next, a high-alpine hike to Fürenalp takes you past pretty lakes and waterfalls, tiny mountain huts, and cows grazing in steep green pastures, each adding color to the steely surrounding crags. Learn about the Kneipp Cure in a mountain hut at the top of sunny Ristis-Brunni (5,610 feet), reached by cable car, thank goodness! Later, you’ll hike halfway down to feast on an authentic Älplermagronen (Swiss macaroni and cheese), followed by enjoying tea in Engelberger’s oldest farmhouse.

On your final day, enjoy a last morning hike then take two different cable cars to reach the peak of Mount Titlis at 10,000′ for views of Titlis Glacier. Savoring a lunch of wine and cheese with a farmer at a traditional cheese maker’s alpine hut should put some wind in your sails so you can enjoy the exhilaration of riding a scooter bike all the way down the mountain!

Don’t miss this adventure-rich hiking tour of Switzerland featuring her most scenic and beautiful views, culture and cuisine – from every angle.

Switzerland Hiking Highlights:

  • Soak in Swiss culture, cuisine and countryside as you hike your way through the Swiss Alps from Appenzell to Mount Titlis
  • Enjoy riding cable cars, toboggans and scooter bikes
  • Experience local Swiss hospitality in villages, coffeehouses, mountain huts and local pubs
  • Take a stroll through Swiss history on visits to monasteries, farmhouses, Lucerne and St Gallen’s

Price: $5,590

Dates: June 21 – 29, 2020

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