Adventure Women Rock! Stories from Vacations to Egypt and Nepal


Cheryl Randall (L) and Barbara Bickford (R) riding camels below the pyramids on AdventureWomen's Egypt & Jordan trip

Cheryl Randall (L) and Barbara Bickford (R) riding camels below the pyramids on AdventureWomen’s Egypt & Jordan Adventure Vacation

Here are some travel highlights from our recent AdventureWomen® vacations to Egypt, Jordan and Nepal:

“We had the BEST time on our recent trip to Jordan and Egypt! It is so hard to come up with a single instance that stands out, as there was so very much that was outstanding! When I think back on the experience I was, of course, blown away by the pyramids. We first saw them from the air on our descent into Egypt. They were so much bigger and yet smaller than I was expecting! How in the world did they ever build them! And then to get to see them from the perspective of being on a camel’s back! Oh my gosh! I’ve always wanted to ride the camels but I was so much older and taller than all those little children in line at the fair. Now I was able to accomplish this desire along with all those other “children” who were closer to my age. I will always remember that. It is the thing that dreams are made of!

Throughout the trip there was so much packed in that I’m still sorting it all out. Learning so much about the Ancients and their way of life, the temples, the sand and rocks, the hieroglyphics, the Nile, the animals, and Jordan – was awesome. I loved the river boat rides! Water and animals are my passions. So ending at the Dead Sea was truly amazing! I haven’t wanted to use my lotion from there yet ‘cause I didn’t want to use it up! I can’t wait to go on another trip but it’ll be hard to beat this one!”
– Cheryl Randall, Egypt’s Mysteries and Jordan’s Petra: Wonders of the World, 2009

Betsy Morrison getting on an elephant

Betsy Morrison getting on an elephant

This photo of Betsy Morrison on the elephant (taken by Ellen Bump and Gayle Hagins on our Nepal trekking trip in 2009) was one of my favorites out of the thousands that were taken.







Betsy Morrison on an elephant in Nepal

OMG! OK -OK – You can have your food! – photo by Ellen Bump

It was a great group of women to travel with on our Nepal trip, and from the photos (another of Betsy with the elephant), a very fun group too.
“Our AdventureWomen® guide, Stacey, was the best, even while she had to deal with her own tummy and flu issues. Our Nepal Treking adventure is really a once in a lifetime trip that [all adventurous women] should take, but good knees are required. :)”

Lisa Itatani, Nepal Trekking in the Himalayas: The Gates of Heaven, 2009