Salmon River Rafting in Idaho

A week of whitewater rafting on Idaho’s famed Lower Salmon River in late summer 2020 treats you to fiercely-fun rapids and sleepy flat water, relaxing days capped by delicious hot meals camp-side, stories of the day, warm camaraderie and laughter, and the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had.

Whitewater rafting on a big river is exhilarating and AdventureWomen has created the perfect opportunity for women at all levels of experience to hop in and join the fun on the Lower Salmon River in Idaho! The rapids are pure adrenaline-pumping excitement but there will also be plenty of swimming and laid-back lounging, while every evening brings sweet slumber as you drift to sleep in your tent pitched at the river’s edge.

River life and pubs just go together, so after arriving at your Lewiston, Idaho hotel, stow your gear and head to a popular local brew house to meet your guides and the sporting women with whom you’ll be boating and camping. Over a gastro-pub style meal and a frosty pint, get to know your rafting companions before the next day’s launch or “put in”.

Rafting experience is not required but a willingness to try paddling and steering the boat as a team, following your experienced whitewater rafting guide’s commands is part of the fun! Your friendly guides will help outfit you in your personal flotation device (pfd), then lead you and your paddling companions through safety talks and explain how to paddle and follow their commands – “right turn”, “stop”, “back paddle” as a team. And don’t worry if you fall out of your raft, your able teammates and experienced rafting guide are there to help you “self-rescue” and pop you right back in!

Along the way, your guides will delight you with tales of the history, geology, and wildlife of Idaho’s Salmon River and even stop to show you indigenous art dating back thousands of years painted on the canyon walls. Your talented rafting guides are truly ambidextrous, setting up your tents, cooking amazing camp meals, and regaling you and your new friends with exciting stories as you relax in the evenings by a crackling campfire. Curious about the stars? Your guides will point out all the planets and constellations in the night sky amid the thicket of stars high overhead.

Some of the best hot spots for running the big rapids of the Lower Salmon River include Cougar Canyon and Snowhole Canyon, where you’ll be running big rapids including Snowhole, Bodacious Bounce, China, the Gobbler, followed by powering through the narrows at Blue Canyon on a long stretch of rapids including Eye of the Needle, Checkerboard, Sluice Box, and Devil’s Slide. We conclude our 5-day rafting trip on the Salmon River running the powerful rapids at the confluence of the Salmon River with Idaho’s Snake River and take-out our rafts, raising our paddles in the air with a big “Yee Haw!!”

You’ll enjoy warm solar showers at our riverside camps, as well as soap-free dips in the river along our route but a hot shower at the conclusion of your rafting fun is a welcome respite on your return to civilization. Feeling fresh and dry, rejoin your river mates for a fun farewell meal where you can enjoy a little more time with your incredible guides and the women rafters you’ve bonded with over your five days of whitewater thrills, campfire laughter and quiet nights falling asleep, listening to the Salmon’s flows.

Salmon River Rafting Highlights:

  • 5 days of whitewater rafting fun paddling the rapids of the Lower Salmon River
  • Learn the basics of paddling as a team and how to read the river’s flows from experienced rafting guides
  • Join in campfire cooking lessons with camp chefs
  • Learn about wildlife, geology, and Salmon River history and see native American Indian paintings

Price: $2,990

Dates: July 5 – 12, 2020
Dates: August 23 – 29, 2020



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