A Cultural Journey in Japan: Hiking the Kumano Kodo

Join us in Japan in April 2020 for a cultural journey through Japan hiking on the ancient trails of the Kumano Kodo, photographing colorful cherry blossoms, meeting Japanese women (from priests to pearl divers), enjoying delicious Japanese feasts and relaxing hot springs.

Japanese culture, at its core, is centered around beauty as it fosters the pursuit of perfection and spiritual enlightenment. These aesthetic ideals are reflected in virtually all aspects of life in Japan: in its architecture, food, fashion, philosophy, art, and even in the symbol of the cherry blossom and the symmetry of Mount Fuji itself.

How many fun facts about Japan do you know?

Walk along the Philosopher’s Way. Photo Credit: Meagan O Photography

Immerse yourself in this rich tableau and discover Japan from the perspective of the women living there. Experience the Japanese lifestyle and enjoy this unique destination at the peak of the spring cherry blossom season. Walk with us through the Japanese countryside, from village to village, along the Kumano Kudo, age-old, sacred trails that countless pilgrims have followed for centuries. Pause to admire ancient temples and shrines and contemplate nature, a vibrant source of spiritual inspiration for the Japanese, past, present and future.

Learn about Matcha. Photo Credit: Meagan O Photography

Meet local Japanese women priests and pearl divers. Relax in hot springs and feast on traditional Japanese cuisine. Explore the Japanese countryside outside her bustling cities. Enjoy active hikes along quiet village paths while in the evening, you drift into a sound night’s sleep at a “ryokan”, a traditional Japanese inn with soft futons on which to lay your head.

Meet a Japanese mountain priestess. Photo Credit: Meagan O Photography

Walk Japan’s infamous Kumano Kodo with the mountain priestess or “yamabushi”. Photo Credit: Meagan O Photography

Japan 2020 Women’s Trip Highlights:

  • Hike from village-to-village along the ancient pilgrimage route of the Kumano Kodo resting at night in traditional inns
  • Meet remarkable Japanese women who share their personal stories with you:
    • Get to know one of the few female “yamabushi”, or mountain ascetic priests, as you walk with her listening to her describe her training and faith. Learn how these local spiritual leaders help preserve Japan’s regional traditions through both folk songs and dance.
    • Meet Japan’s Ama pearl divers, Japanese women who free-dive for pearl oysters, and learn first-hand about this 3,000 year-old profession.
  • Experience the etiquette and tradition of a formal Japanese tea ceremony
  • After your exciting day experiencing Japan’s cultural treasures, relax in the evening in natural hot spring baths with a soothing glass of wine

Visit ancient temples. Photo Credit: Meagan O Photography

Price: $8,390 

Activity Level: High Energy

Dates: April 2-12, 2020

“Thank you to Judi and Eliza for leading and setting up the 2018 spring trip to Japan. Having just looked through the previous reviews, I can say little new except that Adventure Women is continuing to excel expectations for travelers like me, someone who wants to be off the beaten path but whose every wish is provided for. No longer will I have to hound friends to travel with me: I would expect to enjoy all AdventureWomen guests after the group I just met! I felt as I imagined my kids felt at their summer camps!” – Anne K.

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