Tölting Through Iceland on the “Pony Express”

Experience the unbridled joy of horseback riding in Iceland on our version of the “pony express”, tölting across volcanic landscapes draped in wildflowers! Ride to glaciers, hot springs and waterfalls, learn about Icelandic history, and discover Reykjavik’s vibrant foodie scene.

The Icelandic horse is love at first sight. This iconic breed is best known for its comically shaggy coat and long mane although experienced riders also praise it for its famously smooth gate, a fast but very smooth trot or “tölt”. On this scenic tour of iceland by saddle, you can ride free as the Vikings once did, exploring this island in the company of your trusty steed and his or her companions. This ride is for advanced to experienced riders who relish 3-5 hours a day in the saddle.

Upon arrival at the Reykjavik Airport, meet your guide and the women who’ll be joining you for this amazing week of active adventure, food and fun. In the charming capital of Iceland, Reykjavík, you’ll sightsee on foot and enjoy food tastings of local cuisine before taking a refreshing afternoon horseback ride along the Álftanes Peninsula, trotting among the ducks, geese, terns, and golden plovers.

Mix some history with heady seaside views on a morning trail ride to the home of medieval poet and scholar, Snorri Sturluson, to learn about his life and work then ride to Deildartunguhver to hear about Europe’s most powerful hot spring. After stabling our horses, you’ll decompress the Viking way in Krauma Spa’s hot tubs and steam baths then tuck in to a delicious and well-deserved evening meal.

Your week of horse riding in Iceland will also include trotting through the surf and sparkling streams to see Langjökull and Eiriksjökull glaciers, the Lambafoss waterfall, the black lava field of Búðarhraun, and several rides along Löngufjörur beach. “Sightseeing” detours will take you to see the black sand beaches of Djúpalónssandur and a chance to test your strength at Dritvík. Here, stones have been used for centuries to find out who’s got the power to haul nets and row boats out to sea!

Since much of Iceland’s livelihood depends on its fisheries, part of your foray into Icelandic cuisine includes cruising on a small boat among the fishing skerries of Breiðafjördur Bay to watch shellfish being dredged, harvesting scallops, sea urchins, and crabs. Fish doesn’t come any fresher than straight from the nets, so while you’re on deck, enjoy raw scallops right from the shell! Don’t be shy – freshly shucked sea scallops are as sweet as candy.

It’s a rare moment when women can stop their busy lives to venture far for fun, so take a moment at your farewell dinner to reflect on how richly rewarding it has been to travel with women who share your passion for horses and adventure. Which stole your heart first; Iceland’s outstanding native horses, phenomenal gourmet dining experiences, or her seductive landscapes?

Iceland Horseback Riding Highlights:

  • One week (3-5 hours/day) of unforgettable bliss tölting on an Icelandic horse = priceless
  • Explore Iceland’s diverse and colorful landscapes, volcanoes to glaciers, waterfalls to black sand beaches
  • After an active day in the saddle, relax in hot springs and spas
  • Discover Iceland’s unique history and island culture
  • Taste the best of Icelandic cuisine from seafood to skyr

Prices: $6,990

Dates: June 5 – 12, 2020

“The final stretch of the ride through the lupines when I realized what I had accomplished on this trip. Tölting for miles across the beautiful Icelandic countryside through all kinds of weather and terrain, with a fabulous group of women and the willing and energetic horses.” Carolyn G.

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