Hiking the Camino de Santiago on the Portuguese Way

Pious Queen Isabela of Portugal first walked the Portuguese Way on the Camino to Santiago de Compostela in the 13th century. Follow in her footsteps on this eight-day, 60 mile hiking adventure through history while you enjoy the pastoral beauty and local wines and cuisine of southern Portugal and the Galicia region of northern Spain!

The Portuguese Camino, less traveled but infinitely beautiful, is an ideal way to experience the Camino de Santiago route: historic, bucolic, and full of charm. You’ll hike 7-14 miles a day covering 61 miles in total on this classic European walking tour through the Portuguese and Spanish countryside.

In Porto, Portugal, meet your guide and the women with whom you’ll be walking the Way, getting a taste of Portugal before the journey begins. Visit Foz de Douro Lighthouse and walk the ramparts of the Fortress of Valença do Minho, an ancient river defense, try port wine tastings in the Ferreira Bodega (est. 1751), and then hear traditional Fado over a beautiful welcome dinner. With your Pilgrim’s Passport in hand, depart Porto on a route with an ambience that’s conducive to friendly conversations with your fellow adventurers. You’ll feel like old friends by the time you arrive in Tui, Spain in the Spanish region of Galacia!

Tui is a medieval border town in Spain and your gateway to the Camino de Santiago. Stop to visit nearby Mos, a pretty, hilly hamlet of farms and vineyards which offers plenty of spots in which to dine and refresh on local wines, then continue past the beautiful Galician church of Santa Eulalia del Monte and the Pazo de los Marquis, then explore the Castle of Soutomaior once owned by the early 1900’s feminist Maria Vingals, a true Adventure Woman who loved to travel throughout Europe and was committed to women’s rights.

Continue your hiking journey in Spain as you discover medieval villages and explore the preserved Roman quarter of Pontevedra along a detour unique to the Spiritual Way,  which boasts the oldest roots of any of the pilgrimage paths. Enjoy a cooking class with a celebrity Galician chef before heading to coastal Cambados, the heart of Albariño, and a chance to sample some of this area’s delicious Spanish wines! Explore the 16th-century Cistercian Monastery of Armenteira and walk the Armenteira River where 30 medieval grist mills still stand. From here, we embark on a catamaran cruise on the river following the route of an ancient vessel that bore the Apostle James’ remains, followed by a visit to the private palace of the Marquis Gonzalo Rivero de Aquilar, a knight of St. James.

The next day, you reach your ultimate goal: the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela and proudly receive your pilgrim’s Campostela certificate. While each of you may have had a different reason for hiking “the Way”, everyone on this hiking adventure from Portugal to Spain can agree that walking the Portuguese Way on the Camino de Santiago has made this unique journey on foot, one for the ages.

Hiking the Camino Portuguese Way Highlights:

  • Hike xxx miles per day on the Camino de Santiago through the beauty of the rural countryside in southern Portugal and northern Spain
  • Enjoy the best of Portugal’s and Spain’s vineyards as you learn about the local cuisine in the part of western Europe
  • Visit palaces, lighthouses, fortresses and monasteries as you revisit history along this famous spiritual path
  • Triumph in your accomplishment as you gratefully accept your Campostela pilgrim’s certificate at the Cathedral at journey’s end

Price: $4,290

May 2 – 10, 2020
September 27 – October 5, 2020

“This adventure was as fulfilling, restful, inspiring, rejuvenating, and literally breathtaking as I imagined it would be.  I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the other women on the trip and will absolutely be staying in touch with some, I am sure.” -Dede N.

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