Women Adventure Travelers: Get “Fit for Your Trip”!

Are you thinking about one of our AdventureWomen hiking, biking or multi-activity adventure trips? Are you not sure if you are physically capable of handling the trip itinerary? Or have you already signed up for one of our trips and want to make sure you are fit so that you can have the time of your life?

In 2020, climb up to Kala Patthar to view the summit of Mount Everest.

If you have a few months before you leave and are willing to put in a little effort to ensure that you are in the best possible shape for your vacation, we can help!

Since 2016, AdventureWomen has partnered with Fit for Trips, founded by adventure enthusiast and personal trainer, Marcus Shapiro, to offer fitness programs crafted specifically for your adventure. Consider replacing your current workout with one from the experts at Fit for Trips. Traveling with AdventureWomen means that you automatically receive an 25% discount on your fitness program with Fit for Trips.

Fit for Trips training programs will give you self-assurance, boost your energy level, and help you physically prepare for all of the activities in your itinerary. 

Participating in a Fit For Trips program includes:

  • 8- or 12-week personally-tailored fitness training programs
  • Home-based video training or gym-based training (your choice)
  • Choose the resistance program that fits your intended sport (paddling, hiking, biking etc.) and level of experience, customized for busy schedules, past injuries and other personal circumstances
  • Instruction by audio and video
  • Ongoing personal support

Learning to paddle on a whitewater rafting trip teaches you teamwork while treating you to classic views of canyon vistas.

Hear what AdventureWoman, Kit S., has to say about her experience using Fit for Trips for her Nepal Trekking Trip:

“I would definitely use Fit For Trips again!  All of the literature about the trip stressed that you “must be in excellent physical condition for this trek”.  I was concerned that I wasn’t in good enough physical condition and I didn’t want to be the one holding up the group!  The recommendation to use Fit for Trips was absolutely wonderful and just what I needed.  It not only more than prepared me for all of the hiking up and down mountains, I felt better in general.  Their program does an excellent job of starting you off easy and increasing the activity level each week.  And you don’t have to have a gym membership to complete the program!  Could not recommend them more!!

-Kit S, VA, Nepal Trek in the Himalayas

For more information or to begin your program, please visit Fit for Trips.

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. The Heather and Moorland Zone gives way to the Alpine Desert, a rocky landscape with drought like conditions. (Photo Credit: Paul Joynson-Hicks)