Hiking the Camino de Santiago: Sanabrés Route

Travel to Spain for a 10-day hike along the Camino Sanabrés in Galicia, a portion of the historic Camino de Santiago route walked by centuries of pilgrims. Hike over ancient bridges, visit local churches and monasteries then relax with thermal baths and spa treatments and enjoy warm hospitality unlike anywhere else in the world!

Join AdventureWomen on this iconic hike on the Camino de Santiago alongside other intrepid women who share your interest in exploring this storied part of pastoral Galicia, a walk made richer by hiking together. As you travel the Sanabrés Route, you’ll cover eight miles a day as you watch for symbols and relics left by 800 centuries of the passing faithful. Since the 1st century AD, spiritual pilgrims have humbly walked the Camino de Santiago to reach the tomb of the Apostle James resting under the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, and they were cared for along the Way by compassionate locals. This trail continues to attract millions, and residents still offer hospitality to those making the long trek across Spain.

Begin in the “thermal city” of Ourense, where a bathing suit is as important as boots because it’s best known for its thermal baths, heated Mino River, and pure drinking water pouring from stone fountains. Pick up a pilgrim’s pass, Credencial del Peregrino, in Ourense and make sure to have it stamped along the Way. Enjoy four-star lodging and a luxuriating dip in the As Burga and Outariz Burga thermal baths, then strike out over ancient cobblestones, rocky trails, and occasional asphalt to Tamallancos, a funky mix of centuries-old stone and modern buildings. Here, your hosts at our comfortable guest home will follow tradition in the morning by ensuring that each AdventureWomen traveler has enough delicious food and plenty of water for the day. Cross the 13th century stone Sobreira Bridge to reach Oseira Monastery. Visit Dozon, a truly charming farming village where you can indulge your trail-tested body with a complimentary one-and-a-half-hour spa circuit, massage, or body wrap!

The next day, muscles loosened and energies restored, cross Silleda Ponte, a colossal moss-crowned bridge, into fragrant woodlands of eucalyptus and past thriving farms to reach Silleda for an overnight in a renovated 14th century home.

Refuel with Bandeira’s famous empanadas, stop to contemplate Pico Sacro, Galicia’s most sacred mountain, then continue past many small churches, villages, and hamlets to reach Ulla. Here you’ll get your Camino de Santiago credentials stamped as a “Hiker of the Way”! End your day with a dunk in the waterfall and swimming pool near the elegant 18th century country home near Lestedo where you’ll spend the night.

From Lestedo, it’s just eight miles more to reach the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Get your Camino de Santiago pilgrim’s certificate first, then tour Santiago before a fantastic farewell dinner. You each may have had a different reason for hiking the Way, but everyone can agree that walking Camino Sanabrés together made this special experience one for the ages!

Camino de Santiago Hiking Highlights:

  • Hike the less-traveled Sanabrés Way on the famous Camino de Santiago
  • Enjoy spectacular woodlands while you walk this ancient pilgrimage path
  • Soak in natural thermal pools & enjoy spa treatments along your hike
  • Indulge the delicious local Spanish food in Galicia
  • Earn your pilgrim’s certificate after successfully reaching the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

Price: $4,290 

Date: September 18 – 26, 2020

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