Antarctica Cruise: Explore the World of Ernest Shackleton

Thousands of adult and juvenile king penguins standing together on beach. Taken by Cheryl Ramalho, an AdventureWomen guest.

Antarctica’s legendary raw beauty invites you to explore the world’s southernmost snowfields and fjords, glaciers and coastal wildlife as massive icebergs float by glowing an hypnotic blue hue.

Come explore the South Pole’s greatest mysteries on this once-in-a-lifetime polar journey with AdventureWomen, cruising the shores of Antarctica on a small expedition vessel of comfort, elegance, and advanced polar design. The spirit of sharing sightings and scenery, storytelling, and enjoying great meals together is conducive to a fuller experience for each woman in your group and the building of friendships onboard and off!

Turquoise blue glacier and strong mountain peaks near South Georgia Island. Photo Credit: Cheryl Ramalho, an AdventureWomen guest.

A direct flight from Punta Arenas in Chile ensures a quick arrival to King George Island in the South Shetland Islands where you’ll embark on the Magellan II, a ship that’s tough enough to churn through pack ice yet very well appointed with a sauna, artfully designed bedrooms, lecture halls, and al fresco dining so you don’t miss a moment outside!

While underway, resident historians and naturalists offer talks on board to enrich your experience, and expert polar guides accompany every expedition. This custom-designed vessel will get very close to shores and inlets where larger ships can’t go and disembarking onto Zodiac pontoon boats is fast so you can spend more time exploring Antarctica’s coastal wonders out in the bracing arctic air. Cruise in and out of ice-filled fjords and navigate massive icebergs, as guides point out important landforms, wildlife, and photo opportunities such as waddles of penguins leaping off an iceberg or the likelihood of a breaching Minke or Orca whale. Make land to explore the polar landscape, glaciers, crevasses, and rookeries. At an abandoned whaling site, Ernest Shackleton rests in eternity among relaxing penguins and seals. At St. Andrew’s Bay in South Georgia, experience the joy among 150,000 utterly enchanting king penguins, and from a safe distance, view the largest seal in the world, Antarctica’s elephant seal. A male can grow to 20 feet long and 8,800 pounds, or almost twice as long as an SUV!

Adult king penguins with jagged mountainous peaks on South Georgia Island. Photo Credit: Cheryl Ramalho, an AdventureWomen guest.

Cruise among the otherworldly icebergs of Gerlach Strait and past Elephant Island, the commemorative site of Shackleton’s 22 crew members who survived four months waiting for rescue. Conditions permitting, you’ll land on Cooper’s Island where yellow-browed macaroni penguins and thousands of black-browed albatrosses nest. Other visits are planned with that special polar caveat, “weather permitting!” Your return to South America passes scenic Tierra del Fuego and Navarino Island before disembarking in Ushuaia, Argentina. Enjoy the ride back with your shipmates as you share and compare photographs and videos, and recall moments that were infinitely more thrilling when experienced with friends!

This trip to the southern hemisphere features travel on a beautiful expedition vessel designed for arctic conditions to view one of the most dramatic, completely pristine locations in the world. It’s a true “bucket-list” adventure!

Antarctica Highlights:

  • Travel to the extremes of the Southern Hemisphere in the footsteps of explorer, Ernest Shackleton.
  • Cruise between the South Shetland Islands and the western coast of the Antarctic Peninsula on a small, modern expedition vessel.
  • Enjoy a small-ship, yacht-like experience.
  • Unique route allows for ample wildlife sightings and land excursions.
  • Each day disembark by Zodiac and explore the landscape together with expert polar guides.
  • Visit the King Penguin and Macaroni penguin’s immense colonies as well as witness an abundance of wildlife on South Georgia Island.


$15,395 for a space in a twin bed Porthole cabin (these rooms are Sold Out)

$17,495 for a space in a twin bed Veranda cabin (includes a private balcony with sitting area) (only 1 Veranda cabin spots remaining!)

$3,000 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit to hold your space.

Activity Level:

March 1-16, 2020

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