Enjoy Adventure Travel Shopping at Our New Online Store

At AdventureWomen, we’re constantly being asked about what to pack for an adventure travel trip. From what type of boots or luggage to buy, to which brand of jackets and pants to choose, there’s lots to decide when paring down the essentials for a women’s travel trip! Luckily, after so many years spent on the road all over the world, we’re experts at balancing design, fabrication, features, durability, and price/value to give you a curated perspective about your choices and options.

We thought we might make it a bit easier for you by pooling together our recommended items in our new AdventureWomen online store. You can browse by category (clothing/apparel, essentials, packing, and AdventureWomen branded items) or just scroll through and see if anything appeals to you. Of course as Christmas nears, you might even want to nudge your partner, spouse, or friend into “suggested items” for that all important “me” wish list!

Mostly, we want you to have fun and use this as an opportunity for inspiration. Where will you go next and what will you pack?

Get shopping, Adventure Women!