Trip Overview

Set off with AdventureWomen by plane, bicycle, sailboat, and on foot to explore the richness of Indonesia’s islands. Discover Komodo dragons, jungle-enshrouded temples, vibrant artists’ villages, and even observe fascinating wild orangutans!

Straddling the equator, heavenly Indonesia is thousands of islands, little green gems in a sparkling blue sea. Join AdventureWomen in an unforgettable island-hopping expedition to discover what makes Indonesia a true tropical paradise.

Arriving in Jakarta, receive a warm welcome from your expert Indonesian guide, who will help you discover the secrets of each island you will explore. You are also accompanied by an AdventureWomen Ambassador, committed to helping make your experience a fun and personally rewarding adventure, and cheering you on as you reach beyond your comfort zone to take on new challenges in your own unique way! Get to know the other women you’ll be traveling with over a lively group dinner, learning about why each of you is excited to explore this glittering archipelago.

Tanjung Puting

Your Indonesia experience begins with three amazing days with orangutans! Flying to Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo, board a klotok river boat to enter the Tanjung Puting National Park. Spend lazy mornings cruising the rivers, sipping coffee, and seeing who can spot the comical Proboscis Monkeys hopping from tree to tree, and keeping your eyes sharp in case you see an orangutan swinging through the forest. In this lush Bornean orangutan preserve, visit Camp Leakey and get to observe primate hierarchies at work. Rangers cover tall feeding platforms with fruits and veggies then call the wild orangutans with a throaty “Ooo ooo!”; watch as adults, juveniles, and mothers with babies holding tight swing through trees toward their meal. Who eats first and gets the biggest bananas? Who has to wait? While at Camp Leakey, learn about their research and preservation programs, and as you walk through the preserve, remember to look up – you might spot female orangutans nesting in the trees.

Semarang & Bali

From Tanjung Puting, fly to Semarang for a coffee plantation tour and witness how the early morning light illuminates the stupas surrounding sprawling Borobudur Temple, the largest Buddhist temple in the southern hemisphere. In Flores, board a private, chartered sailboat to sail between Rinca Island and Komodo Island. Moor off Rinca for sunning, swimming, and snorkeling in the clear blue waters before heading to Komodo National Park for an escorted day hike. Search for massive Komodo dragons as they lounge or walk on a heavy-footed patrol.

Fly to Bali next and transfer to incredible Ubud, the heart of Bali’s arts and culture. Discover a trove of artists, museums, and markets, and learn to prepare Balinese cuisine in a local village! Bike through Ubud’s villages, rainforests, terraced farmlands, and stunning temples; for some pulse-racing fun, row together on a rafting trip navigating Class II and III rapids on a stunning river cut deep into a canyon.

Wind down from this active women’s trip to a gorgeous seaside resort. Relax and reminisce together on the beach and over the farewell dinner, celebrating every moment of daring, surprise, and joy. With new friends made and wonderful memories to hold, you’re now part of the AdventureWomen family!

As you skip from island to island, discover the fun and friendship of traveling with women. Together, your adventurous forays into the cultures and wilds of Indonesia make memories that will last a lifetime.

Main Attractions

  • Enjoy island hopping in Indonesia from Java to Rinca, Komodo to Bali
  • Spend three days immersed in all things orangutan in Tanjung Puting National Park
  • Sail, bicycle, snorkel, and relax beachside in Rinca and Bali
  • Meet Ubud artisans in Bali and learn about Balinese culture first-hand

What You'll See and Do

  • Animal Tracking
  • Archaeology
  • Architecture
  • Birding
  • Boat Cruising
  • Buddhism
  • Cooking Class
  • Cultural Exploration
  • Historical Sites
  • National Parks
  • Natural History
  • Photography
  • Sailing
  • Sightseeing
  • Snorkeling
  • Spa Element
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Whitewater Rafting
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Women-To-Women Exchanges

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Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Arrive in Jakarta
Welcome to Indonesia! Straddling the equator, the heavenly country of Indonesia is comprised of thousands of islands, little green gems in a sparkling blue sea. Start your unforgettable island-hopping adventure in Jakarta.

During your adventure, you’ll get to know your expert Indonesian guide, who will help you discover the secrets of each island you will explore. You are also accompanied by an AdventureWomen Ambassador, committed to helping make your experience a fun and personally rewarding adventure, and cheering you on as you reach beyond your comfort zone to take on new challenges in your own unique way!

You will be met and transferred to your hotel in Jakarta. One group transfer will be provided (time TBD); private transfers are available for an additional fee.

Enjoy a lively welcome dinner as you get to know your fellow travelers this evening. Share stories and learn about why each woman in your trip is excited to explore Indonesia!

Overnight: Hotel Borobudur

Day 2

Jakarta to Kalimantan
After breakfast, return to the airport and board a morning flight to Pangkalan Bun on the island of Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo.

Visit a Dayak long house where you will be welcomed with a traditional ceremony performed by members of the local community.

On arrival you will be met and escorted to the nearby port of Kumai, where you’ll board what the locals call a “Klotok,” a wooden riverboat that measures approximately 19.5’ x 6.5’. The boat is equipped with an upper deck that allows you to view the rain forest as you glide by. Travel into the Tanjung Puting National Park located about two hours up-river from Kumai. It is not unusual to see female orangutans building their nests high in the treetops as you cruise up the river.

Lunch will either be served on the klotok on the way to your lodge or at a local restaurant depending on the timing of your flight.

This afternoon, explore and observe the many different forms of wildlife along the river. Enjoy dinner on the boat at the dock near your lodge.
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Overnight: Rimba Lodge

Day 3

Board the klotok to travel upriver through the park to Pondok Tanguii. Look for monkeys, birds, and other wildlife along the riverbank.

Arrive at Pondok Tanggui in time for the daily orangutan feeding at 9:00am. Walk into the jungle along small tracks and witness these incredible creatures in a natural habitat from just few feet away.

Have lunch on the boat as you continue along the river. Prepared by the boat crew, your meal consists of delicious Indonesian dishes of fresh fish, chicken, beef, vegetables, and fruit with plenty to drink. During lunch the boat will turn from the “Big” Sekonyer to the “Small” Sekonyer branch of the river, otherwise known as Crocodile River. Living up to its name, this small river is the home to many crocodiles!

Enjoy another orangutan feeding. Observe these thoughtful, fascinating creatures as they come feast on bananas for their breakfast.

Enjoy sunset and dinner on the boat as you cruise back to the lodge.
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Overnight: Rimba Lodge

Day 4

Enjoy another morning cruising the river. Head up a branch of the river where you can search for crocodiles.

Arrive at the famed Camp Leakey, established in 1971 to support research activities in Tanjung Puting Wildlife Reserve. Look around the research center and learn about the local families of orangutans. Observe these impressie animals at another orangutan feeding, and perhaps see wild gibbons, macaques, and birds. Try to identify the orangutans from the “family photos” they have on the walls of the research center.

Enjoy an evening cruise back up the river to your lodge. Have dinner along the way. Eating as you watch the riverbanks float past you is a calming and magical experience.
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Overnight: Rimba Lodge

Day 5

Kalimantan to Java
Wake up early this morning and head to Pangkalan Bun to catch your flight to Semarang on the island of Java. Enjoy lunch when you arrive in Java.

Take a tour of a local coffee plantation, complete with a coffee tasting. You’ll have an opportunity to buy coffee to bring home if you’d like.

Dinner is on your own tonight. There are multiple dining options at your beautiful resort.
Breakfast, Lunch

Overnight: Plataran Borobudur Resort

Day 6

Before the sun comes up, head to the stunning and majestic Borobudur Temple. Around 850 AD, the temple was deserted when the Hindu Majapahit Empire overthrew the Sailendra Dynasty. Borobudur is the largest single Buddhist monument in the Southern Hemisphere. Climb the steps to see the 1640 relief panels and 504 Buddha effigies. Upon reaching nearly the top of the monument you will (hopefully!) witness an extraordinary sunrise. (Note that the 9th and 10th levels are currently closed, but you’ll have a wonderful view from the 8th level).

Enjoy breakfast after your early-morning excursion.

Late this morning, visit Candirejo Village and have an opportunity to meet with the local community members to see their farms and plantations. End your visit with a lesson in traditional Gamelan music at one of the local homes. Enjoy lunch at a local restaurant.

Spend the afternoon at your stunning hotel. Explore the grounds or take a dip in the inviting pool to cool off after your busy morning.

Enjoy dinner at your hotel this evening.
Breakfast, Dinner

Overnight: Plataran Borobudur Resort

Day 7

Java to Komodo Island
Today is a long travel day, but the reward is worth it. Take an early morning flight from Java to Bali. During your layover in Bali, you’ll have lunch at a local restaurant before connecting with your onward flight. Land in Labuan Bajo on the island of Flores, the departure point for a visit to the Komodo National Park.

Transfer to the harbor and board your luxury chartered vessel, Cheng Ho, setting sail for a two night voyage to search for Komodo dragons.

Watching the fruit bats take flight from Kalong Island is an astonishing sight. Thousands of bats are backlit by a stunning sunset as they fly off of the island in the evening to feed.

Enjoy dinner on board. After dinner, take some time to stargaze.
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Overnight: Cheng Ho

Day 8

Komodo Island
After breakfast on board the Cheng Ho, get in smaller boats and hop out on Komodo Island. You’ll be escorted by rangers to search for Komodo dragons on foot. Climb to the top of the hill just behind the beach on Komodo Island for a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding area.

After lunch on the Cheng Ho, spend some time on the Pink Beach, which gets its name (and color!) from the particles of red coral that are mingled in with the sand. Do some snorkeling from the beach, or just swim and relax on the sand.
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Overnight: Cheng Ho

Day 9

Komodo Island to Bali
Spend a relaxing morning on the Cheng Ho, watching islands drift by as you cruise back to your port in Labuan Bajo. Enjoy lunch on board before saying goodbye to the boat crew.

This afternoon, fly to Denpasar, Bali – the “Island of the Gods,” and proceed to Ubud, arriving just in time for dinner at your hotel.
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Overnight: Komaneka Rasa Sayang

Day 10

Embark on a culinary adventure that unlocks the secrets of authentic Balinese cooking, utilizing traditional ingredients and preparation methods, in a fully equipped community village kitchen. Your day begins early at the Ubud markets with the chef as you buy fresh herbs and spices, crisp vegetables, and choice cuts of meat. Explore cooking techniques and the fascinating kitchen myths of Balinese cuisine, and learn about the exotic herbs and spices used in ceremonial and everyday Balinese dishes. After preparing the meal, sit down together to enjoy it as a group.

Take the afternoon to explore, shop, or maybe just relax. This is a fun area to wander around in small groups.

Spend time with a woman from the local community. Learn about what it’s like as a woman in modern Bali, what traditions they continue, and what is changing.

Enjoy dinner on your own this evening.
Breakfast, Lunch

Overnight: Komaneka Rasa Sayang

Day 11

This morning, you’ll visit Goa Gajah, or Elephant Cave, a Hindu meditation center built in the 11th century. Explore the food market, and learn about local produce, and enjoy visiting the art market.

Lunch today is at a restaurant overlooking the Tjampuhan River, with breathtaking views of the surrounding hills.

After lunch what’s more fun than an active whitewater rafting trip on the world-class Ayung River! The adventure begins with a safety and equipment briefing given by your expert guide. You’ll walk down a long set of stone stairs (600 stairs!) to reach the river. It’s then head-long into the first set of Class II & III rapids, through towering gorges and past untamed rainforest and magnificent rice paddy terraces. Your professionally trained and experienced guides will call out instructions and safely navigate your rafts through this exciting river. Go AdventureWomen! At the end of the rafting adventure, climb the stairs (another 350 stairs!) leaving the gorge.

Take just a few minutes to freshen up, and then head out for dinner in a Bedulu village hosted by a local family.
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Overnight: Komaneka Rasa Sayang

Day 12

Explore Bali by bicycle, starting just north of Ubud. You will ride through villages, seeing the real Bali. Visit temples and ride through rice fields. You’ll visit a local family’s compound and learn about the significance and uses of each building. Biking is a peaceful way to explore the countryside. Finish your ride with a delicious lunch.

Check out of your hotel and drive to Sanur, a beautiful beach area in southern Bali. Enjoy this evening on your own.
Breakfast, Lunch

Overnight: Maya Sanur Resort

Day 13

The beaches in this area of Bali are incredible – white sands, deep water, and long stretches of beach are perfect for swimming. Bali is the ideal place to relax before you head home.

Spend a full day relaxing at the beach at your beautiful hotel. Perhaps schedule a massage!

Have a farewell dinner with your new AdventureWomen friends. Reminisce over all the memories you have made and celebrate the end of an amazing journey through this truly spectacular country.
Breakfast, Dinner

Overnight: Maya Sanur Resort

Day 14

Depart Bali
Say goodbye to your new AdventureWomen friends as you transfer to the airport for your flights home.

Please note: AdventureWomen will attempt to adhere to the itinerary as much as possible. However, certain conditions (political, climatic, environmental, and cultural) may necessitate changes in the itinerary. AdventureWomen reserves the right to alter any itinerary at any time, if necessary. We will attempt to notify participants of changes as far in advance as possible. Costs incurred by such changes will be the responsibility of the participants. 

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Traveling to Indonesia

Arrival and Departure Information

June 1, 2023 Departure

Arrive: Arrive in Jakarta, Indonesia (CGK) on June 1, 2023 before 4:00PM.

Depart: Depart Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) on June 14, 2023 after 12:00PM.


We are happy to help you make your flight and travel arrangements. If you’d like to do anything prior to or following the AdventureWomen trip, we’d be delighted to help you arrange any trip extensions you’re interested in.

Note: The recent trend in travel is for travelers to finalize their plans much closer to departure time than was customary in the past. While we try to be as flexible as possible booking last-minute registrants, we must release hotel rooms two to three months prior to departure! Please keep this in mind when making your travel plans.

Preparation and Packing  

Please use the following guides as a reference when preparing for your adventure. We also encourage you to adapt the guides to your travel style as well as the destination’s forecasted weather.  


Gratuities are a personal decision and are at your own discretion based on your level of satisfaction with the service provided. Gratuities are dependent upon the number of guests on your departure, and they vary greatly from trip to trip. As a general reference, AdventureWomen suggests you plan for $75-$100 (or more) worth of gratuities for this adventure. Specific tipping recommendations for your trip will be provided to you closer to your departure date and may fluctuate due to inflation, exchange rates, and the number of travelers on your trip. 

Passports and Visas

Citizens of the United States must have a passport valid for six months beyond your travel dates with at least two blank facing pages. If you do not have a passport, please apply now!

Activity Level

We rate this trip as Active. Our Active adventures get you on your feet. You should be in good physical condition and be prepared to hike for up to five hours, multiple days in a row, on uneven surfaces with some steep ascents and descents. Please note that this is a general description of what you might encounter; for specific details about your trip, please consult the itinerary.

We recommend training before your trip (with your doctor’s permission) to make the most of your adventure. With this itinerary in mind, we have a partnership with Trailblazer Wellness, a woman-owned, women-run company that will design an individualized fitness plan just for you! Best of all, AdventureWomen guests get a 10% discount with the code AVW. Learn more on the Trailblazer Wellness website.

Health Considerations

Make an appointment with a travel clinic, as they may have recommendations for vaccines and medications based on the destination as well as your age, health, and past vaccination history.

For more health information, go to and navigate to the page about Indonesia.

How to Register

Call the AdventureWomen office at (800) 804-8686 to determine space availability and register for this trip. We can complete your registration, including taking your credit card deposit over the phone.

If you prefer, you can register online by clicking “Sign Up for this Trip” on the trip page.

Please be sure to read the AdventureWomen policies before registering!

Forms and Final Payment

The deposit for this trip is $800, and is nonrefundable and nontransferable. Once you book, you will need to fill out and return to AdventureWomen:

  • Information Form
  • Booking Conditions Form
  • Supplemental Whitewater Rafting Release
  • Copy of Flight Information
  • Copy of Issuing Page of Passport (Photo Page)
  • Supplemental Release for COVID

Final payment is due to AdventureWomen in a cash form (check, money order, or wire transfer). A maximum of $1,500 per person can be put on a credit card, which includes your deposit.

June 1, 2023 Departure Final Payment Due Date: March 3, 2023

If you're curious about this trip, we would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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What's Included


  • Accommodations as per itinerary based on double occupancy
  • All meals as listed in the itinerary
  • All ground transportation
  • One group transfer on arrival and departure
  • Domestic airfare (priced separately from the main trip)
  • Guided sightseeing and activities as indicated in the itinerary
  • Entrance fees
  • English-speaking guide throughout the trip
  • Drinking water available in large jugs to refill personal bottles
  • Gratuities for hotel staff, luggage porters, and waitstaff

Not Included

  • International airfare to and from Indonesia
  • Optional activities
  • Meals not specified in the itinerary
  • Alcoholic beverages (unless otherwise specified)
  • Fees for passport, visas, immunizations, or travel insurance
  • Cost of hospitalization or evacuation
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Gratuities for guides and boat staff

If you're curious about this trip, we would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Call us ~ 1.800.804.8686


Hotel Borobudur

Hotel Borobudur Jakarta is situated right in the center of Jakarta. It is only a stroll away from the Presidential Palace and a quick ride to shopping malls and business districts. Spanning 23 acres of tropical gardens and supported with extensive recreational facilities, Hotel Borobudur Jakarta has become an oasis where people can relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Amenities: Soap, shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer; electricity; Wifi

Rimba Lodge

Past visitors have rated Rimba Lodge as a “jungle wonder” and a “true heavenly destination.” This rustic lodge is equipped with all the necessities that you would want after spending the entire day in the jungle. It’s a great place to cool off, view more wildlife in action, and retire to the comfort of your personal bungalow to rest peacefully for the night. While it’s basic, the location is perfect - it’s the best jumping off point to see orangutans.

Amenities: Soap, shampoo; electricity

Plataran Borobudur Resort

At Plataran Borobudur Resort the spacious cabanas are designed in a traditional Indonesian style and are spread out in lush tropical gardens. Air-conditioned cabanas have telephone and TV. Facilities at the hotel include an outdoor swimming pool and the Padma Spa and Yoga Club. The Stupa Lounge & Restaurant offers a variety of fine dining, international and Indonesian cuisine. Wi-Fi is available in the restaurant.

Amenities: Soap, shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer; electricity; Wifi

Cheng Ho

Your sailing vessel, Cheng Ho, is a modified Phinisi (Bugis) schooner launched in 2000 and named after the famous Chinese mariner, explorer, diplomat and fleet admiral who played an important part in Asia’s maritime history. Constructed with three decks, 110 feet long, 34 feet wide, and with 14 cabins, the Cheng Ho has plenty of space to lose yourself, whether in the air- conditioned comfort of the large saloon or on the decks under the shade of one of the ship’s huge sails. All cabins have individual air conditioning, a private bathroom with hot and cold water, wireless internet connection and plenty of storage. The Cheng Ho is equipped with a modern navigation system, plus updated safety and first aid equipment.

Amenities: Soap, shampoo, hair dryer; electricity

Komaneka Rasa Sayang

Komaneka at Rasa Sayang is a stylish small hotel in the midst of central Ubud’s cafes and boutiques but set off from the street in luxurious calm. The smart modern architecture is warmed by the use of wood and recycled timber. The Deluxe rooms have sleek, first-class interiors with generous living space and broad balconies facing urban gardens. A sheltered infinity pool overlooks a quiet river valley.

Amenities: Soap, shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer; electricity; Wifi

Maya Sanur Resort

Featuring an outdoor pool and four on-site restaurants and bars, Maya Sanur Resort & Spa offers modern and luxurious beachfront getaway in the tranquil area of Sanur. It’s the ideal place to unwind before your long flights home.

Amenities: Soap, shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer; electricity; Wifi

Please note that all amenities were current when written and are subject to change at any time.

If you're curious about this trip, we would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Call us ~ 1.800.804.8686