Expand your horizons. Indulge your curiosity about other cultures. Meet women worlds away who you have nothing and everything in common with.

Mary Oliver

We share as women, a desire to always absorb, nurture, understand and appreciate the world around us.

Mother-daughter bonding is one of our favorite pastimes - both human and otherwise!

Invigorate your senses. Breath in the lavenders of France. Taste the cuisine of Italy and the spices of Morocco. Dance to the music of Peru.

Shh. Grab your camera! Click. Got you! African Springbok antelope in Namibia.


New friends climbing the Himalayas in Nepal to Ghandruk Temple.

Art in nature. Nature as art. Explore your creativity. Celebrate it.

Judy M.

Successfully capturing that one incredible, iconic shot, the stare of a leopard in Africa, will stay with you forever.

Understanding the daily lifestyles of fishermen in Sri Lanka while totally different from our own, teach us new insights about other cultures.

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.” -T.S Eliott

Learn to "tolt" while meeting a new friend on an Icelandic horseback riding adventure.

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