“I’ve never shared my story about the “courage to conquer”. Yes, I have had cancer twice and yes it changed my life. But my story is about my daughter Meghan. She took a dive in our swimming pool at age 12 and broke her neck. It left her quadriplegic.  That certainly changed my family’s lives. She had all sorts of surgeries to make her as independent as possible. The one thing I knew she was not going to spend her life in front of a television.

Meghan was the first Handicapped Athena Award Winner in Minnesota. It is an award given to the athlete who earned the most athletic points during High School. She played adaptive sports and won every award that she could earn if she had been able bodied.
She lived on campus during college. Not easy changing the University to meet her disabilities. She graduated from College became a probation officer in Hennepin County. Yes, she had disabilities but had her own home and drove herself. Such a hero to everyone who knew her.

Jeanne’s three sons and daughter, Meghan

We took a cruise every year – just the two of us. I was showing her the world. She lived to travel. It was our girl time.

In April 1999 we were cruising Tahiti then up to Hawaii. On that cruise she took very sick and died in less than 12 hours. I won’t go into any details what is was like watching your oldest of four children die in front of you.

I did not do well after her death. I drank very heavily trying to forget. I heard a voice “Mom, you have three sons you need to be mom for”.  I found AA. and my life changed again.

She was my traveling companion. It wasn’t easy. I didn’t know if I could travel again. Slowly I did do some trips with my husband. He does not care to travel. Travel is one of my passions.

I was surfing the internet to see what was out there for women traveling alone. Sure enough I found AdventureWomen (AW). What a true find for me. A group of women who were active in their lives, traveling together to meet challenges and make friends with similar interests.  Awesome. I knew it was for me. I look forward to every trip, every new experience, every new culture, every new challenge. AdventureWomen has helped me fill a void in my life.

On my Peru trip I knew something was wrong. All the way up I struggled but there was a voice telling me I could do it. That I was strong. It was a challenge that needed to do. After all it was just a small hill compared to the mountains Meghan had to trek.

Jeanne (left) with Ambassador Ali (right) at Lake Humantay in Peru on our Peru Trekking adventure

Travel is such a positive way to get out and experience life. Travel was such a part of our lives.  She had such a bug for travel. To grovel in self-pity was never Meghan’s way.  How could I not honor her spirit?  Every trip I take – I take her with me so she still experiences our love for travel.

Jeanne in Peru on the Salkantay trekking adventure with AdventureWomen

I really don’t know why I wrote this, but your article stirred something in me. We all have obstacles (curve balls).

AdventureWomen is so much more than just a travel company. It is women bonding with women, pushing themselves to meet and conquer challenges that we didn’t know we had it in us. What a victory for each and every one of us.

AdventureWomen has given me such a positive outlook on life. AW feeds my soul and need for travel and for that I thank you.

Thanks for listening.” -Jeanne D.

Jeanne (pink in back row) and her group in Alaska on our Bear Camp trip in 2017

Signoras, andiamo! Hike the Italian Dolomites via the Tre Cime Loop, sleep in a remote mountain hut, enjoy cooking classes, meet shepherds and cheese makers, and walk through fields of alpine flowers as you get a taste of mountain life high in the Dolomite Mountains in Italy in July 2020!

Let’s go! Land in Venice, Italy then head straight to the Italian mountain village of Pesariis, the “Town of the Clocks” (population 178). Enjoy a beautiful organic evening meal prepared by your hosts, and in this warm farmhouse setting, get to know your travel companions and exchange ideas about the exciting days ahead.

Your hiking adventure in the Italian Dolomites begin with a full-day hike to the peak of Mount Coglians (9,122 feet high) where, on a clear day, you can see Austria! Stop at the trail side Marinelli Hut for a fortifying lunch then descend to enjoy unstructured time in the late afternoon exploring Pesariis.

For a delicious recovery day, take a private cooking class and learn regional specialties and recipes using local fruits and vegetables you’ve picked from your host’s organic garden! Then take a light afternoon hike up to ramble among the historic stone buildings of piccolo Stavoli di Orias. Imagine life here high on the mountainside as you feast your eyes on the green Italian valleys far below. Later, visit an artisanal workshop producing harpsichords of fine local woods, before sharing lunch with a local family in the tiny village of Vuezzis.

The next three days in Cortina d’Ampezzo crown your hiking adventure with a day trek to the Tre Cime Loop around the three most majestic peaks of the region for sweeping views. That evening, visit the Helmut Üllrich Astronomical Observatory on Col Druscié, elevation 6,000 feet. Search for planets using their powerful telescopes, then enjoy an experience that has mesmerized humans for millennia: contemplating the cosmos under a night sky dense with twinkling stars. The next morning, start out early for a spectacular overnight in the remote Sasso Piatto hut and a class in via ferrata, a method of traversing vertical trails. On the descent, visit Malga Sasso Piatto, an artisanal mountain cheese farm. Join the morning milking with their shepherds, learn about making these mountain cheeses and sample their delicious aged products for a true hands-on experience! Spend the next two nights in Moena, a village with maximum charm and 100% car-free.

Take a day drive to Bolzano on your last full day to view the 5,000 year old iceman, Ötzi, discovered nearby and on display! Now that you and your intrepid friends have hiked the heights of the Dolomites, you’ll have a new appreciation of his lifestyle and fate.

Return to the bustle of Venice for a guided tour and a farewell dinner along the city’s quaint back canals. The mountain views, the villages, the fresh air, the people – everyone in your group may have different “favorite moments” but you can all agree that hiking through the Dolomites was made all the better – in the company of women.

Dolomites 2020 Hiking Adventure Highlights:

  • Enjoy making and tasting delicious homemade Italian cooking with local families
  • Explore on foot, tiny villages and farms set high in the Dolomite mountains among green fields and great drifts of summer flowers
  • Hike to the Tre Cime, looping around the three most majestic peaks of the region
  • View the 5,000 year old iceman, Ötzi
  • Learn how to make delicious artisinal mountain cheeses at a local farm and participate in the milking process

Price: $5,790

Dates: July 16 – 25, 2020

“Great way to meet new friends and see the world in good company. I’m looking forward to my next adventure.” Laura M.


As adventurers, many of us at AdventureWomen have been drawn to the stories penned by author Cheryl Strayed. Her books Wild, Torch, Tiny Beautiful Things and Brave Enough are full of inspirational vignettes and lessons drawn from her own life story and experiences.

In Wild, Cheryl unveils her personal journey hiking the Pacific Coast Trail in 1995 when she was 26 and grief stricken after her mother’s death and her own divorce. Her first-person account of hiking more than 1,000 miles alone from the Mojave Desert through California and Oregon and on to Washington State is a tale of fear and courage, vulnerability and strength, determination and resilience.

For the first 8 days of her hike, Cheryl didn’t see another human being. Her description of what it was like relying entirely on herself with no preparation for what she encountered on a daily basis is a lesson for all of us in the power of will and self-reliance. She recounts the fact that every day, she realized she only had a few choices and inevitably, she was forced to make the one choice she least wanted to make. But this constant uphill battle gave her courage, confidence, insights about herself and it forever changed her.

The most powerful part of Cheryl’s journey and story is how this experience ultimately healed her after her personal setbacks. As the wilderness became her home and being alone her norm, her perspective changed. “The world became at once smaller and much larger” she says.

She believes all of us have similar stories of “bearing the unbearable” and that is what resonates with all of us when we follow her story in Wild.

Listen to Oprah’s conversation with Cheryl about how “solo” can be a “soul-connecting” experience:

“Big-hearted, keen-eyed, lyrical, precise…Cheryl Strayed reminds us in every line that if defeat and despair are part of human experience, so are kindness, patience, and transcendence.” – George Saunders

One of our longstanding guests at AdventureWomen who first joined us on a trip to Nepal inspired us with her personal story about embracing a “curve ball” at an unexpected time in her life. Here is her powerful story and the positive energy she draws from travel, adventure, and most of all from family.

In her own words…

“Life throws us curve balls every so often – some are mild and some are not. You might hear people say, it’s how you deal with them that counts, but we all know there’s more to it than that. And in many cases, curve balls have silver linings. Mine certainly does.

In my early 50’s, I started thinking about my retirement. My kids would be launched soon and I would be financially secure and able to travel, volunteer, nurture friendships, and devote more time to photography. I’d worked hard at my career as an environmental consultant, working on river and harbor cleanups, and was ready for new adventures. At about age 55 I decided to move from Seattle to Bozeman, MT where I had family and had spent lots of time. By the time I turned 61 last April, my new home near Bozeman was feeling well broken in and I was working very little. I had already traveled with AdventureWomen to Nepal and taken a trip to Mongolia and China – experiences that were scary and exhilarating! I eagerly perused the AW website for my next adventure. I’m the president of the board of a local non-profit and have developed a wonderful circle of friends. Golf and hiking in the summer, skiing in the winter, gourmet group dinners, lunches and dinners with friends and family. I had quickly developed a sense of purpose and identify in my new hometown and was living every day to its fullest.

My curve ball arrived by text message the evening of September 19, 2018 – a request from my 6-year-old grandson’s mother that he come live with me in Bozeman for the school year. She couldn’t control him or get him to go to school, and didn’t know how to help him. My son is in college and hasn’t been overly active in parenting. The request wasn’t totally unexpected – there has been trouble in my grandson’s home for years and he has been sent here before. And I knew that this time it could very well extend far beyond the school year.

Varied thoughts whizzed through my brain. Shawn needed to be in Bozeman – no doubt about that. But what about the freedom of retirement? How could I hike or ski or play 18 holes of golf? Yes, I could find a part time nanny. How bad were his behavior problems? I knew he’d need counseling, but what kind and for how long? What if I couldn’t get him to go to school? I need fairly aggressive foot surgery – how could I cope with consecutive surgeries on both feet and keep track of a 6-year old? How could I not take this child in? He’s bright and engaging and needs to have a secure future. How long would this really last? Yes, how long?

As these thoughts were flying around in my head, I also felt an immense grounding. Of course I would take him – how could I not? I would love him with all my heart, every minute of every day. A young child is innocent. Any problems they have didn’t originate with them. They deserve everything we can do to support their development into secure independent productive adults. Every child is different and each has his or her own potential. Our job is to help them achieve their potential. My days would be filled to the brim. I’ve raised boys before and I can do it again.

My curve ball has shifted my world dramatically. I still dream of new AW adventures and will, one day, book my next trip. But for the moment I’m focused on Shawn. While I lament the loss of “me time”, I wouldn’t trade my curve ball for anything in the world.”

Explore Utah’s Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks AdventureWoman style in 2020! Try canyoneering, hike among hoodoos, and horseback riding through the setting sun, all while enjoying luxe guest ranch living to round out each active and adventurous day.

Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks are two of Mother Nature’s greatest marvels, their gigantic canyons and erosion-carved forms layered in ribbons of ochre red, yellow, and white. Begin at the 4,000 acre Zion Ponderosa Ranch, a Utah guest ranch, just perfect as our home base for the week. Over a gourmet welcome dinner, get to know the other women joining you to explore Utah’s canyon country, then settle into your room in one of the ranch’s luxury vacation homes.

For your first day in Utah, survey America’s big, beautiful backyard from Observation Point. At 6,521 feet high, the sweeping scenery before you includes most of Zion Canyon, its high walls and canyon floor stretching out for miles. While many make the tough four-mile climb up, AdventureWomen has a better way to reach the top! A 3.5 mile trail from the park boundary takes a gentler course to reach those jaw-dropping views. Afternoon options include horseback riding through Utah scrub lands to catch a luminous sunset.

The next day, test your mettle and prove you love a challenge as you and your travel companions next travel into Zion to tackle a tricky and demanding hiking trail to Angel’s Landing, navigating switchbacks and sheer drop offs. Your reward is completely breathtaking 360-degree views from the top. Next, hike part of the Zion Narrows, a deep slot canyon, wading portions of the Virgin River to reach wild hanging gardens and walk among the arcing walls. S’mores and a crackling campfire will crown this perfect day. The next morning, enjoy an optional helicopter ride over the Zion landscape or simply relax at the guest ranch. Then, for a true visual feast, on day five of our Utah hiking trip, we spend a day hiking down into sun-baked Bryce Canyon and around  its spiky sea of multi-colored vertical sandstone hoodoos, towers of rock formed by ice and rain over the decades.

Saving the very best for last, harness up to join your friends and professional guides for the heart-pumping thrill of canyoneering! Whether you’ve never tried it before or you’re an “old hand,” this activity is suitable for everyone. Feed out the ropes as you descend step by step along steep red sandstone walls to land safely far down below. It might seem scary before you step out over the cliff, but by the time you reach the canyon floor, canyoneering might be your favorite sport!

Your week of hiking, horseback riding and canyoneering in Utah concludes with a spectacular farewell dinner to match a spectacular week. Wish each other a bon voyage, appreciating the camaraderie, the moxie, and the shared laughs that will be recounted and remembered often in the years to come.

Zion and Bryce 2020 Hiking Adventure Highlights:

  • Hike to Angels Landing, one of the most stunning views in the west
  • Horseback ride through the expansive countryside
  • Try canyoneering for the first time, seeing the area from a different angle
  • Explore Bryce Canyon National Park on foot
  • Learn about astronomy as you gaze at the pristine night sky
  • Stay in luxury houses on a ranch with all single rooms and en-suite bathrooms

Price: $3,590

Dates: April 26 – May 2, 2020
Dates: September 20 – 26, 2020

“The overall friendliness, goodwill and camaraderie among the Utah hiking group was the highlight of my trip.” Linda L.


Join Adventure Women trekking to Everest Base Camp in the majestic Himalayan Mountains in Nepal! Take in the view high above the clouds at 17,598 feet and celebrate your triumph as you share this outstanding accomplishment with your fellow trekkers.

Join AdventureWomen for an incredible high-altitude trek to Mount Everest’s Base Camp, ascending 8,215 vertical feet over eight days through steep and challenging terrain! With Cholatse, Lobuche, Pumore, and Nuptse, four of the highest peaks in the world inspiring you to press on, the gorgeous knife-edged peaks and the friendly Nepalese villagers and mountaineers that you meet along the way will nourish your spirit while the friendships formed with your hiking companions help support and sustain you.

Arrive in Kathmandu for two days in readiness for your trek. Get to know the wonderful women you’ll be hiking with over a welcome dinner, then tour the city’s many shrines together to learn how deeply rooted the region is in spiritual faith, particularly Tibetan Buddhism. With cameras at hand, depart by plane for the Khumbu region, flying over the breathtaking waves of colossal mountains, where craggy peaks and blade-sharp ridges pierce the sky and clouds.

Land in Lukla to organize supplies and meet the wonderful Sherpas who’ll be guiding you into the higher elevations. Overnight accommodations along the way will be in friendly tea houses which also serve hot, filling meals when you’ve arrived famished from a day on the trail. From Lukla, set out for Phakding along the Dudh Koshi, a river known for extreme rapids and its milky glacier-fed waters. Following a pace designed for controlled acclimatization, cross mountain villages and suspension bridges on a six hour trek to reach your first Himalayan peak, Namche at 11,286 feet. Take two days’ rest here with a few easy walks as you acclimate, including a short hike for a very motivating look at Mount Everest! Follow the rocky, hard-packed trail lined with carved mani stones to the Tengboche Monastery where the exquisite Ama Dablam mountain (22,349’) towers over all. Ascending to Dimboche, you and your trail sisters make the final push to Everest Base Camp.

At Base Camp, navigate the prayer flags and cairns to tap the survey monument marking your achievement at 17,598 feet, and gather for epic group photos! Let the majesty and power of Mount Everest soak in then continue on, stopping for a restorative sleep at Gorakshep and a trek to Kala Patthar where, at 18,519 feet, you’ll get the very best view of Mount Everest and an exquisite panorama of the range that includes Nuptse. Continue on as you enjoy your four-day descent to Lukla where you’ll celebrate your trekking adventure with the Sherpas that led you all the way. You’ll then head back to Kathmandu for a final city tour and heartwarming farewell dinner. Over the delicious meal, new friendships will be sealed, photos shared, and perhaps a promise or two to hike Nepal together again one day!

Everest Base Camp 2020 Trekking Highlights:

  • Explore the shrines and vibrant markets of Kathmandu
  • Take in panoramic views on your scenic flight to Lukla
  • Traverse mountain passes on narrow suspension bridges in the foothills around Everest
  • Hike to the Tengboche Monastery to meet Tibetan Buddhist monks
  • Celebrate your trekking triumph when you arrive at Everest Base Camp

Price: $3,990

Dates: April 12 – 28, 2020

“Great way to meet new friends and see the world in good company. I’m looking forward to my next adventure.” Laura M.


Join us in Japan in April 2020 for a cultural journey through Japan hiking on the ancient trails of the Kumano Kodo, photographing colorful cherry blossoms, meeting Japanese women (from priests to pearl divers), enjoying delicious Japanese feasts and relaxing hot springs.

Japanese culture, at its core, is centered around beauty as it fosters the pursuit of perfection and spiritual enlightenment. These aesthetic ideals are reflected in virtually all aspects of life in Japan: in its architecture, food, fashion, philosophy, art, and even in the symbol of the cherry blossom and the symmetry of Mount Fuji itself.

How many fun facts about Japan do you know?

Walk along the Philosopher’s Way. Photo Credit: Meagan O Photography

Immerse yourself in this rich tableau and discover Japan from the perspective of the women living there. Experience the Japanese lifestyle and enjoy this unique destination at the peak of the spring cherry blossom season. Walk with us through the Japanese countryside, from village to village, along the Kumano Kudo, age-old, sacred trails that countless pilgrims have followed for centuries. Pause to admire ancient temples and shrines and contemplate nature, a vibrant source of spiritual inspiration for the Japanese, past, present and future.

Learn about Matcha. Photo Credit: Meagan O Photography

Meet local Japanese women priests and pearl divers. Relax in hot springs and feast on traditional Japanese cuisine. Explore the Japanese countryside outside her bustling cities. Enjoy active hikes along quiet village paths while in the evening, you drift into a sound night’s sleep at a “ryokan”, a traditional Japanese inn with soft futons on which to lay your head.

Meet a Japanese mountain priestess. Photo Credit: Meagan O Photography

Walk Japan’s infamous Kumano Kodo with the mountain priestess or “yamabushi”. Photo Credit: Meagan O Photography

Japan 2020 Women’s Trip Highlights:

  • Hike from village-to-village along the ancient pilgrimage route of the Kumano Kodo resting at night in traditional inns
  • Meet remarkable Japanese women who share their personal stories with you:
    • Get to know one of the few female “yamabushi”, or mountain ascetic priests, as you walk with her listening to her describe her training and faith. Learn how these local spiritual leaders help preserve Japan’s regional traditions through both folk songs and dance.
    • Meet Japan’s Ama pearl divers, Japanese women who free-dive for pearl oysters, and learn first-hand about this 3,000 year-old profession.
  • Experience the etiquette and tradition of a formal Japanese tea ceremony
  • After your exciting day experiencing Japan’s cultural treasures, relax in the evening in natural hot spring baths with a soothing glass of wine

Visit ancient temples. Photo Credit: Meagan O Photography

Price: $8,390 

Activity Level: High Energy

Dates: April 2-12, 2020

“Thank you to Judi and Eliza for leading and setting up the 2018 spring trip to Japan. Having just looked through the previous reviews, I can say little new except that Adventure Women is continuing to excel expectations for travelers like me, someone who wants to be off the beaten path but whose every wish is provided for. No longer will I have to hound friends to travel with me: I would expect to enjoy all AdventureWomen guests after the group I just met! I felt as I imagined my kids felt at their summer camps!” – Anne K.

Experience Morocco as only an Adventure Woman can!  On this spirited 14-day cultural journey in Northern Africa in 2020, explore its mountain villages, markets, landscapes, and tantalizing cuisine, then travel by camel to a secluded desert camp!

On this AdventureWomen cultural tour we venture onward to Morocco, where the warmth of boundless sun and sand is imbued in the kaleidoscope of colors, sights, and sounds found throughout this celebrated kingdom. Upon entering Rabat, Morocco’s walled capital, you’ll begin to encounter icons of antiquity alongside elements of modernity: whitewashed walls, sculptural keyhole arches, and zellij mosaics in contrast with a pristine, palm-lined urban center. Walking from the Kasbah Oubaya, a fortified city inside Rabat with hip cafes and gardens, stand before the tallest minaret in the world, Hassan Tower. Nearby, visit the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, resting place of kings.

Breaking bread brings everyone together so you and your travelling companions will share a meal with a local family while in the blue city of Chefchaouen, then tour a djellaba workshop and meet the medina’s friendly local artists. Since you’re all Adventure Women, hike up one of the surrounding hills for a stunning panoramic view!

From Volubilis, do as the Romans once did: fortify yourself with local wine at Meknes. Then pass through 1,000 years of history in two days when you enter Fes; it’s one of the best preserved medieval Islamic cities in the world. Here, learn centuries-old methods of tanning and dying leather outdoors. (Ask what they use to cure the hides.) Head south to Sefrou for a morning with the women of an artists’ cooperative then continue your travels while watching the changing colors, landscape, architecture, and vegetation on this cross-country journey!

At Erfoud, a luxury tented camp experience in the Sahara awaits, nestled in the dunes of Erg Chebbi. Take this evening to fully unwind together; compare travel notes, stories, and laughs with your companions, and relax together in this peaceful getaway, then ride colorfully festooned camels across the rippling sands to catch a luminous sunset; return to dine under the stars. Rise early to witness a desert sunrise over the dunes of Merzouga then head to explore Todgha Gorge in the High Atlas Mountains; listen for camel herds approaching! At Ouarzazate and the Kasbah Ait Ben Hadou (a World Heritage Site), feel the light and landscape beloved by filmmakers. Enjoy a morning hike exploring Berber villages in the Atlas Mountains the following day, and then spend the afternoon learning from woman educators.

Complete your incredible journey to Morocco by visiting Marrakesh and its renowned Djemma el-Fna, a massive open air market famous for its snake charmers, myriad entertainers, and vendors of North African goods. Preserving the old while embracing the new, Marrakesh today exemplifies how Arab, pan-African, and European influences blend and permeate all aspects of life. It’s also vast and complex; you’ll appreciate your local expert guide’s wayfinding skills to explore this golden-hued city!

Don’t miss this 2-week women’s in-depth cultural exploration to one of the most fascinating destinations ever – Morocco!

Morocco 2020 cultural tour highlights:

  • Feel and see the harmony of old and new influences as you travel across Morocco
  • Enjoy a luxury tented camping experience in the Sahara, dining under the stars
  • Ride a camel out into the desert for a gorgeous sunset over the dunes
  • Stroll through Chefchaouen’s blue-painted Old City and medina
  • Study the iconic artistic, cultural, and architectural influences of Islam, Europe, and Spain
  • Shop the bustling medinas and explore the vast, twisting paths through Fes and Marrakesh
  • Tour women-owned artists’ cooperatives, meet their artisans, and learn from local female leaders in education

Price: $6,290


March 15-28, 2020
September 20 – October 3, 2020


“All of our guides were great! They were entertaining, informative, and caring. Our country guide, was outstanding. Our guide in Chefchaouen claimed to be running for mayor in a year or so. He made the tour even more interesting and entertaining by talking about the changes he wanted to make.” 

Thousands of adult and juvenile king penguins standing together on beach. Taken by Cheryl Ramalho, an AdventureWomen guest.

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in Antarctica in March 2020 exploring the extremes of the Southern Hemisphere. Follow in the footsteps of Ernest Shackleton as you explore and sail around some of planet’s most spectacular sights on this exclusive trip to Antarctica and South Georgia.

Enjoy views of majestic mountains, towering icebergs, and abundant wildlife, from whales to penguins. Begin this epic journey with a flight from Punta Arenas to King George Island, in the South Shetland Islands and cruise your way back to Ushuaia, on the mainland of Argentina.

Turquoise blue glacier and strong mountain peaks near South Georgia Island. Photo Credit: Cheryl Ramalho, an AdventureWomen guest.

You will have the opportunity to cruise Antarctica’s waters on an exclusive, custom designed expedition ship with only 50 other guests. This small expedition vessel gives you a more exclusive access to Antarctica, taking you where large ships cannot. Disembarking is fast and efficient so you can spend more time exploring Antarctica’s stunning vistas.

Cruise along spectacular, ice-filled fjords and among incredible icebergs, explore the Antarctic landscape with expert Polar Guides, meet enormous elephant seals, spot Minke and Orca whales (among other species), see the nesting home of black-bowed albatrosses, and walk among 150,000 king and macaroni penguins.

Adult king penguins with jagged mountainous peaks on South Georgia Island. Photo Credit: Cheryl Ramalho, an AdventureWomen guest.

While aboard your luxury cruiseship, enhance your knowledge of the region and its history with presentations by the historians and naturalists. You will visit historic sites such as Ernest Shackleton’s grave site, the Gerlache Strait, Elephant Island (assuming the weather cooperates), and of course the diverse natural wonder that is South Georgia!

Your Antarctica itinerary offers the best of both worlds by flying directly to Antarctica, thereby avoiding the stormy seas of the Drake Passage and allowing more time for land excursions.

This trip to the Southern Hemisphere features travel on an exclusive luxury vessel, varied and diverse landscapes, abundant bird life and wildlife, even the chance to walk among hundreds of thousands of penguins. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime “bucket-list” opportunity!

Antarctica Highlights:

  • Travel to the extremes of the Southern Hemisphere in the footsteps of explorer, Ernest Shackleton.
  • Cruise between the South Shetland Islands and the western coast of the Antarctic Peninsula on a small, modern expedition vessel.
  • Enjoy a small-ship, yacht-like experience.
  • Unique route allows for ample wildlife sightings and land excursions.
  • Each day disembark by Zodiac and explore the landscape together with expert polar guides.
  • Visit the King Penguin and Macaroni penguin’s immense colonies as well as witness an abundance of wildlife on South Georgia Island.


$15,395 for a space in a twin bed Porthole cabin (these rooms are Sold Out)

$17,495 for a space in a twin bed Veranda cabin (includes a private balcony with sitting area) (only 3 Veranda cabin spots remaining!)


$3,000 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit to hold your space.

Activity Level:



March 1-16, 2020

Need more incentive? Call us at 800-804-8686 or email us at info@adventurewomen.com to receive the full itinerary and boat information.

We know that Adventure Women tend to be somewhat detail oriented and like to stay organized, connected, and in the know. Last year, we wrote about our favorite travel apps for 2018. We thought it would be a good idea to see what’s new for this year!

Here are our six favorite travel apps for women for 2019:


This year, we started using TripCast as a way for our guests to share photos and connect with each other. Think of it as Facebook-lite: each trip has its own private album that allows you to share your photos and like or comment on other photos.


If you want to go a step further and create trip memorabilia when you get home, you can do that with Steller. Download your own photos and those you like from your fellow Adventure Women, and then create your own photo and video storyline with a unique design. Steller gives free reign to your creativity—choose from a variety of layouts, combine photos and videos, add text, and change how everything looks to make it come alive. It’s up to you! Best of all, it’s free.

App in the Air

App in the Air consolidates all your travel information into one easy-to-use platform. It allows you to track your flights (departure and arrival times, delays, even how long the wait is at the airport), keeps track of travel documents (boarding passes, loyalty programs, reservation numbers), and—best of all—tells you how long the waits are at security and baggage claim!

Gaia GPS

Gaia GPS is one of the most comprehensive, multipurpose map apps on the market. Widely used by serious trekkers, cyclists, and casual travelers/sightseers alike, it allows you to download easy-to-read, modern maps you need ahead of time so that you don’t need to worry about having data or Wi-Fi access where you’re exploring. You can also explore historical and classic print maps as well as standard topographical maps.

Peakfinder and SkyView

Two other fantastic apps that work offline are Peakfinder and SkyView®. On many AdventureWomen trips you will be in remote areas with vast mountain ranges and wonderfully devoid of light pollution at night. How often have you wondered what peak you’re looking at in front of you or what star, constellation, or planet in the night sky?  These apps allow you to learn more about the natural world around you and are generally a great way to orient yourself. Peakfinder has a database of 650,000 mountains that span the globe, so whether you’re trekking to Everest Base Camp, cycling through Italy, or camping along the banks of the Salmon River, you will know exactly where you are and what you’re looking at. Both apps use the camera on your phone to create panoramic views, allowing you to create snapshots of what you’re seeing.

Google Translate

Last but not least, Google Translate is also available offline, which is critical for getting around in far-flung corners of the world! This app gives you access to more than 100 languages. Several input options include the ability to type (using your keyboard), speak (have a bilingual conversation), snap (translate images of text that are in a foreign language), write (draw with your finger on the screen), or see (using your camera to see instant translations). Not every feature works with every language, but we encourage you to check it out!

We are curious to hear from you too! As seasoned Adventure Women, we know you must have your preferences for travel apps when you travel. Do let us know on Facebook what your favorite travel apps are!


When we asked 1,820 women to give us their personal definition of “adventure”, we didn’t realize how fascinating the responses to this question would be.

We thought you might enjoy hearing what some of them had to say, in their own words:

Being outdoors, doing what the locals do in the region, stepping outside my comfort zone, experiencing new lands, the people, their food, their everyday life and coming home with added happiness to my already happy life!

Experiences that take you out of cultural, physical or social comfort zone so you can learn!

Opportunity for travel moments: the unexpected encounters, lesser known sites, wonder (in small and larger ways).

Something out of my comfort zone or challenge that I’ve never tried before. A place unknown, but safe to explore and experience.

Something that gets my heart racing a little bit.

Something new and different that gets into my soul.

Experiencing life that is different than yours – trying something new.

Having experiences that would challenge and enrich my life. There is tremendous value in exploring the world outside of my “box”.

Meeting the people.  Finding a way to help out.

The thrill of conquering new things.

Being open to what might be around the corner.

Something new; something fun; something I have never been; an experience that makes me smile.

Pushing myself physically to try new activities, putting myself in unfamiliar circumstances, trusting others to keep me safe and whole.

Doing or seeing something I haven’t experienced before involving beauty and/or curiosity that takes my breath away and resets my priorities.

An experience that teaches you something about yourself.

Stepping out of my comfort zone to try something different, letting go of my fears so that I may grab hold of life with both hands.

Something that sparks my interest and creativity every day; a trip that leaves me feeling inspired.

Adventure – a way to connect with your inner spirit that is sometimes quieted by daily responsibilities.

I want to hear other women’s stories and understand how they live and what their “normal” consists of.

Live the experience – be in the moment – grow.

Smile and soar freely!

Purposely getting lost in order to find my way.

Closing my eyes and ‘jumping’.

Adventure travel lets me cut the cords of daily life and shed my familiar skin for awhile and pretend to be anything I want to be. To push myself…To educate myself and carbonate my existence.

Adventure is having experiences that are fun, challenging, makes you happy, keeps you young at heart, is exhilarating, takes you outside your comfort zone, makes you feel you accomplished a dream or goal, and takes you to a place of amazing!

An adventure is an exciting and memorable chapter in our “book of life”.

A moment that takes you out of your comfort zone & shows you what you are truly made of!

When a something does not quite go the way you would think…it becomes an adventure.

Having new, exciting experiences that stimulate my intellect, body and soul.

Any travel, any day, can be an adventure. It’s a mindset.

The wonder of the unexpected…

An “adventure” challenges me to draw on the peak of my abilities… it doesn’t provide surety of an outcome; the only surety is that in the doing I have achieved my personal best… and all the benefits accrue from my commitment to the journey.

To be able to go out into any place in this country or world see what is there, to experience life the way it is in those places, challenge my growing edge and meet new people. To absorb life without editing.

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Virtuoso has released its 2019 Luxe Report examining the top trends in luxury travel based on their survey of the company’s 17,500 travel advisers.

Five travel trends emerge which are all anchored in an increase in personalized travel, driven by the rise of social media and it’s tie to “trophy travel” as well as increasingly time-starved luxury travelers who seek increased convenience.

TREND #1: Do It Now

No longer are travelers waiting until “retirement” to live the experiences parked on their “bucket lists”. They want to participate in worldwide sports events from the Olympics and the Super Bowl to Wimbledon – NOW. Closely tied to the increased interest in “insider” experiences, luxury travelers want to deepen their exposure to what they are most passionate about. Think private art tours in locales like the Vatican after hours, exclusive dinners with celebrity chefs and high-profile movers and shakers and music lovers booking trips to summer festivals and concerts.

TREND #2: Get Me There Faster and Easier

Luxury travelers are now used to transportation-on-demand solutions such as Uber and Lyft. From All Clear to Global Entry, they expect faster and easier connections when on the road. No longer is it ok to stand in line, wait your turn and accept inevitable delays when traveling. Luxury travelers want VIP airport arrival services that whisk them through customs and ease tight connections or even private helicopter transfers to and from airports.

TREND #3: Help Me Create A Unique Story

Travelers today also want uniqueness. A way to create a story about an experience which no one else can claim to have had. Since there are few destinations which remain undiscovered these days, now it is down to how you travel within a destination that others have also been to. What you do there. Where you stay. Experienced travelers who feel they have seen it all now seek unconventional hospitality options. From tent “glamping” to tree house stays, monasteries to igloos, the demand for non-traditional luxury accommodations is increasing.

TREND #4: Give Me A Visual Leg Up

Travelers want their cameras to make it easier to capture iconic imagery and backdrops for their selfies so that they can share imagery from their travels with their personal and social networks. From on-site photography sessions to create Instagram-worthy content to destination-themed photo shoots, luxury travelers want to be seen having fun in fabulous destinations whether they are wearing traditional geisha attire in Kyoto or ball gowns in Venice.

TREND #5: Take Me To Where the Wild Things Are

Travelers are loving wildlife-centered experiences. From the educational to the philanthropic, they want to reconnect with nature and do something to help the planet. Examples of this surface in requests to visit animal sanctuaries and wildlife conservation programs, opportunities to observe and learn about animals living in their natural habitats and active adventures where they can interact more directly with animals such as dog sledding, whale watching, and bear viewing.

This year’s Virtuoso Luxe report also highlights examples of “in demand” luxury experiences for 2019. From cruises to railroad rides, glamping to sailing, AdventureWomen appears to be – “trend right”!